Visar inlägg från juni, 2020

Singleton Combo, by Emil Thirup-Sorknæs

It's a blazing hot summer in the north. Endless days slowly turn into bright nights. It's the rare season of light, and a strange Wanderlust grabs hold. Though we are not yet to leave. Except to Denmark, according to the sway of society at this time. And if we brace the borders, we might find ourselves in the company of Emil Thirup-Sorknæs, a hero from the south of the north. This is his story of singleton combo. Enjoy! /Mg out So I decided to challenge my own comfort zone and participate in an online Old School tournament this June. None less than the very successful DOOM – I believe it is an acronym for Danish Online Oldschool Magic . Nice acronym! Actually everything about this series of online tournaments seem great with upwards or maybe even above 60 players in the May event. Streams to follow. Great games. Beer and friendly atmosphere with no prices. A great time all in all it seems. So, as I said, I wanted to try it out. For June there were some very specific ba

On the official bannings of offensive cards

A couple of days ago WotC banned seven cards from all sanctioned play. This was an unprecedented update in that the cards were banned for being offensive rather than for their power level within the game. I personally agree with Wizards' intentions. There are cards in this game that does more harm than good, and banning them from sanctioned play is a reasonable thing to do. It is a good first step on an arduous journey if nothing else. And it is not a novel thing to remove offensive art from the game; that's the reason Earthbind was removed after Revised and why a lot of Chinese cards  have alternate art . I get that there are people who like to make it known that they don't understand or agree with removing particular cards, but a lack of knowledge of why something is bad thing doesn't make it a good thing. And good riddance to Invoke Prejudice. I wrote a post about that card a couple of years ago, and I can't see how anyone in good conscious could argue in fa