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There are over five hundred of articles and pages on this blag, most without any real tagging, structure or guiding links. For your convenience, here are a handful of the, in my opinion, more interesting posts from a few different categories.


Tournament reports

  • You only live twice
    I crash the tournament scene in Stockholm while simultaneously trying to complete a 21-bar pubcrawl in Gothenburg.
  • Arvika Festival 2 
    An attack on the Protection of Civilians camp in South Sudan threatens my partner who works there with Doctors without Borders. 10,000 km north, I meet up with old friends in Oslo and travel to Arvika to battle at the yearly Festival.
  • Borås is Disorderly and Depraved
    At the outskirts of the BSK gaming convention, we gather at All Hallow's Eve for an impromptu 93/94 tournament. (This was written as a guest post for the mtgunderground blog.)
  • Blind Notes from Fishliver Oil Cup 3
    After a legendary weekend in Genoa with over a hundred OS brethren, my infant-parenting state causes me to lose my phone with notes and pictures. That's no excuse to not write 6,000 words of course, but we have to go a bit less details and a bit more gonzo.
  • A Ringer's Report of BSK 2014
    Hall of Famer Olle Råde recants his memories of BSK 1994. He returns to the roots twenty years later to battle at the 93/94 Shark Tournament, showing that he is still the Master of Magic cards old and new. (By Olle Råde)
  • Knights and Dwarves in the Nether Lands
    I travel alone to the Netherlands for the first time for a double feature; Dwarven Warriors 1 and Knights of Thorn 4.

  • Got there! A report from Kingvitational
    After a long night, Honka and I return to Varberg to take down Kungens annual gathering and rant about the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  • Arvika Festival 6
    As strong winds rages across the land, KungMarkus - armed with a fresh toddler - gathers scrying wizards for the sixth annual Arvika Festival. This was the last major in-person event in Scandinavia before the pandemic hit.
  • Tomato Tomato: Three Styles of Oldschool in Three Weeks
    American wizard Marty brings us along on a three week pilgrimage across continents and different styles of Oldschool. Starting at Eternal Weekend in Pittsburgh, via the Fishliver Oil Cup in Genoa, eventually ending up in an apartment in Gothenburg. (By Marty Silenus)

Chronicles and annals

  • Ethiopian Gold
    A tumultuous trip to the core of Africa, when a gold coin and a trio of beggars help me realize how greed and sloth will make my cards worthless.
  • The One Ring of Ma'ruf
    An unexpected gift from the Brothers of Fire leads me down a rabbit hole of memories of one of my favorite cards in the game.

  • Old School of Thought
    On the train to Wexio Gaming Convention, I ponder why we play old school. How would I describe the format to a rookie? (This post was written as a guest article for eternalcentral.com.)
  • Matt's Story
    Matt Shields shares his story of how his hobby has influenced the last 20 years, and how it feels going back to the roots today. (By Matt Shields) 
  • Priorities and Luxury
    An apologia of why we spend thousands of dollars on simple cardboard instead of clothes, trinkets or charity.
  • Argivian Excavations
    A deep delve into Argivian Archaeologist tech while clearing out the last boxes of childhood memories from my parents' house.
  • Moxen and Timon of Athens 4:2:30
    We have seen better days. A personal history of the five moxen are intertwined by my feelings after a long-term relationship had ended.
  • 2016 Retrospective
    My 4th annual retrospective post, where I realize that the Oldschool Magic has grown so much and with so many new content creators that I don't really need to keep up the weekly updates here anymore.


Rarities and oddities

  • Garfield Alters
    We take a look at a real oddity of the mid 90s; cards with their text altered by Richard Garfield.
  • Summer Time
    We delve down in the world of Summer Magic, perhaps the most infamous and obscure printed set in Magic history.
  • The Gamma Orb
    We're going pre-Alpha and look at the legendary pieces of paper most commonly referred to as 'Gamma'. The first 1992 iteration of Chaos Orb leads the way.
  • Menagerie and the Orange Orb
    Starting with the second Chaos Orb playtest card, we follow the history of Menagerie from its 1992 conception to its eventual release as the Mirage set in 1996.
  • Magic: The Puzzling
    When Ultra Pro first started selling sleeves for playing cards, they hid rare puzzle pieces of Black Lotus and Chaos Orb in the packs as a promotion. Completing one of these puzzles today is very hard. We give it a try.
  • Worzel's Rules
    I get my hands on an Alpha rule book and read the story of Worzel. 
  • The 3rd Party Magic Set
    Once, in 1996, a small group of people lead by Donald X. Vaccarino and Japji Khalsa created a full 3rd party Magic set, got it acknowledged by WotC, and even held a release event for the expansion.
  • Garfield Signatures
    A history of Richard Garfield signed cards, and his signature's evolution from 1993 until today. Also some really spicy Chaos Orbs, if I may say so.
  • Extra Pulled and Magazine Cards
    Before Secret Lairs and official Dungeons and Dragons sets, there were alt-art and pop-culture referencing Magic cards in printed media. Some of these have not aged that well.
  • Event Cards
    Over the years, Richard Garfield has created four personal cards to celebrate various life events of his. This post is about Proposal, Splendid Genesis, Fraternal Exaltation, and Phoenix Heart. 
  • Franky and Stuff
    We're talking ante, and we're talking rare 5-Color Invitational Cards.  
  • Artist Proofs
    We crunch the numbers on the card proofs given to the original Magic artists for sets released in 1993 and 1994. (This post is a bit dry, but as it contains some potentially hard-to-find information on proofs, we'll keep it here for reference)

  • Crimps and Maildays
    It's May 2020, and a crimped Beta Chaos Orb has just arrived safely after a dramatic two-month journey back and forth across the ocean. We take the opportunity to go deep on crimps; what they are and how they occur.
  • Miscuts, Misalignments, and NFCs
    Sometimes people make actual mistakes while aligning or cutting sheets of Magic cards, and sometimes mistakes are made on purpose to create unique-looking cards. This post is about both those things. 

Old gear and trinkets

  • The First Magic Sleeves
    We're unboxing and testing out the first sleeves created specifically to protect Magic cards. Even finding some rad puzzle pieces while we're at it.
  • Cut from a different cloth
    Japji Khalsa and Jeff Brain created the legendary first play mats in the days before sleeves existed. With some thoughts from Khalsa himself (and Brain in the comments section!) 
  • Swagic and Denimwalk 
    Among the most iconic and rare swag WotC created in the mid 90s we have the Hurloon Minotaur denim jackets. We try to clear up some of the mist.
  • Binders 101
    Seven or so lessons for getting a new (or a quarter century old) binder.
  • The Six-player Playmat
    For the second year of ManaFest (the world's first Magic convention), Khalsa-Brain created two six-player playmats. One of them was stolen and presumably cut up around 1995. We found the other one.


Rules and tech

  • RTFC
    Power level errata and ambiguous wording was a common part of the rules two decades back. We take a look at a few cards that would have a very different power level had they been played as written.
  • Mastering Magic Cards
    A review and some history of the first printed Magic strategy book, Mastering Magic Cards by George Baxter.
  • Legendary rules
    Writer's block makes me look through my closet to find the old Legends rule card.
  • All in good timing
    A history of timing from 1993-1999, before the creation of the stack.
  • The flip side
    Old magazines and Magic rules manager Matt Tabak helps us clear the smoke and find official rules on dexterity cards.

Format and community

  • Old School Commander
    Dyan de Rochemont guides us through an intriguing multi-player variant of 93/94 and shares stories from the Netherlands community. (By Dyan de Rochemont)
  • The Oldest School: A Wizards' Tournament Primer
    If you think "expansions" are unnecessary to enjoy a perfectly good base game, and that the traditional Swedish reprint policy is far too lenient, we have the Wizards' Tournament for you. These days many people refer to it as "Alpha 40", but we just used to call it "Magic".
  • 93/94 by any other name
    A short recap of how the format started, and why we allow Unlimited but not Revised in the original incarnation of Old School. 
  • From Scratch
    What to think about if you want to get into the format with a limited budget and a negligible card pool. (This post may be a bit dated)
  • Brews, Casualties, and Scanners
    In the spring of 2015, the format got a big following in Southern Europe and expanded on more social media sites and facebook groups.

Single-card rants

  • North Star
    North Star: Terrible card, or the worst card?
  • Witch Hunter
    The white Goblin Wizard, or the white Underworld Dreams?
  • Bottled Up
    City in a Bottle and the other expansion hosers.


Other and random

  • #MtgForLife
    The start of the 2015 #MtgForLife campaign. The community gathered almost $13,000 for Doctors without Borders in 40 days. 
  • Tribelander
    93/94 is not the only format in the MtG underground. We take a short break from the oldest of cards and look at the casual multiplayer Tribelander format.
  • A Matter of Some Proportions
    Power and toughness made a whole lot of flavorful sense back in 1993. We tip our hats to the fantastic attention to detail in The Gathering.
  • Beware of Magic: the Gathering, part II
    Some years after our first Beware, we go back to find unsettling references and coincidences still live at the WotC homepage. Tinfoil hats on, here be nazis, and possibly NSFW. (WotC has updated both their website and their policies on particular cards since this post was written btw)
  • Maze's End
    We get the opportunity to chat with Anson Maddocks, and he tells us stories of Maze of Ith. I'll never look at Cyclopean Tomb or Combat Medic the same way again.

  • 4th Edition is a Strange Set
    We were just hit by a pandemic and life is strange. So is 4th Edition. 
  • To the Nines
    What's the deal with Power, and why do these particular nine cards have a special status?


The Deep End

  • Deconstructing Print Runs
    We dig through old Usenet archives, printed media, and ftp servers to challenge the conventional wisdom on early print runs.
  • Continuous Deckbuilding
    We build a Sligh deck using software development processes and theory. A post that should be reasonably enjoyable for the minuscule intersection of humanity interested in both agile processes and old Magic cards.


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