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Top 6 Old School Art Details You Can't Unsee (Even If You Want To)

Merry Hollymas! So there's been a handfull technical issues reported on the blag in the last few months. Text getting too small on desktop, inability to write characters like "$", issues when posting comments, and constant cookie confirmation requests. I suspected this had to do with the theme we used; one that had not been updated for half a decade or so. I assume it is no longer supported by the platform, and as such bugs kept popping up. So I updated the theme to something slightly more supported. To commemorate this sudden change in visual style, we now have an excellent excuse to write a full-on click-bait style listicle. If we can go 14th century Syrian folktale , we most certainly can go Buzzfeed. Let's roll! "Art is in the eye of the beholder" is a popular saying among those unfamiliar with quotes. But instead of arguing the subjectiveness of beauty, I think that it is time to question the beholders. More like beer holders , amirite? I bet more th

The Expanding Universe

25 years ago today, the Magic universe expanded beyond Dominia's shores of imagination. Few noticed back then, and even fewer would fathom the impact it would have. It was a set that grew old faster than any other. In Sweden it was the stuff of legends even among the first of us to walk the paths of heresy and legerdemain. These were the budding days of wizardry.  A gentleman mostly known as Paddan, now a pillar of the Stockholm community, was one of those first mages to gather in the outskirts of Gothenburg almost a quarter of a century ago. Today it is my great pleasure to hand over the proverbial soap box to him.  This is Paddan's tribute to the 25th anniversary of an expanding universe. Enjoy! /Mg out If you were into fantasy, cyberpunk or horror in the early '90s in Sweden, you were pretty much guaranteed to also have an interest in role-playing. Growing up in Mölndal (Gothenburg) the games were readily available in both toy stores and specialized outlets such as

Verduran Machine Head

Wednesdays have become the go-to meetups for the foogies in Oslo. Somewhere between a handful to a dozen spellslingers are wont to gather at the local pub Gaasa ("The Goose"), occasionally substituted by a brewhouse a few steps removed from the city center. But this week it was Gaasa, and I was itching to sling some cards again. Dadgic style. Local Magic dads Audun, Thomas and Hardy shuffling it up. I'd been dabbling with the idea of Enchantress Ponza for a year or so. Enchantress was actually the original plan for the deck that warped into Mycosis Fungusaur at the Horrible Horse gathering last year. Never got the chance to sleeve up the Verduran ladies though, neither before nor after. They've been staring at me from the binder for quite some time now. And what a lovely stare. Whenever I start to build a deck these days, I begin by looking in the binder to see what is on the bench. And once a deck is assembled - if I really enjoy it - I'd be hard press

Found an old report.

These are magical days. We celebrate life and toast in unbreakable glasses. Though in dancing there is barely time for writing, and I must to fall back to old stories this time. There are lots of tales we never wrote and lots of stones we never turned. Team Kaffebryggers's latest summer tournaments in Växjö, Team KanelFireball's post-Christmas tournaments in Varberg, or perhaps the journey of Team Lisch in Lidköping? I recently unearthed some pictures from their Drowned gathering in March 2017. Communities are growing and stories are lurking. Luckily for me, I found one that was already written. Before there was a Flippin' Orbs podcast, before the online deck archetype library, and before the page was up and running, a jovial Stockholmer in a colorful suit named Gordon Anderson still roamed the corners of the format. The man was named Gordon that is, not the suit.  Flippin' the Orb, preschool style. This was in fact not that long ago

Understanding Ulgrotha

Some years ago I wrote an April's Fools post about legalizing Homelands . It was in a sense a comment on the contemporary discussions about legalizing Fallen Empires; hopefully getting in a few laughs and some tomfoolery in the process. It was of course never the intention to actually legalize the set, the focus was rather to flaunt the premise. Enter irony. Not Alanis Morissette "rain on your wedding day" irony, but proper text book irony. In celebration of the the fifth annual Arvika Festival next February, KungMarkus decided to legalize Homelands for his tournament. He's not opening the doors for dilly-dally like Revised nor Fallen Empires though; only Homelands will be added to the traditional "Swedish legal" sets. And he mentioned that he found inspiration in that old April's Fool post. So by ridiculing the fiction of having Homelands legal it somehow became fact. Irony. Now here we are, and I for one have gotten properly excited to brew in this s