Visar inlägg från mars, 2012

n00bcon Warm Up! the conclusion!

n00bcon warmup was held yesterday so at least the people from Gothenburg (and loff ofc) could get some training in before our world champion ship tournament on n00bcon this easter. 12 people showed up, so we played 4 rounds swiss with a cut off to top 4 battling for a Chaos Orb as our first price, and 200 SEK store credit as second price. In the first round, everybody was eager. The shoot on the Chaos Orb and eternal glory and honor where still in everybody's grasp. Her you can see Loff r/g beats battle against Onefunsite's version of the deck. And some more pictures of onefunsite's hand.  Cop: Red after sideboard, ouch. here you can see our winner slowly grinding out his wins against the field. Think I heard some mumblings about 6th edition being the worst rule change ever, cant even turn of your artifacts anymore... Why didn't they give an errata to Winter Orb, like they did to Howling Mine. In the current field of 12, we had 4 who opted to play Mono black of s

yet another IRC game

Playing magic on IRC are sweet, way sweeter then cocatrice, apprentice or MWS if you play vs somebody you trust. If you want to hang out with us, or even battle some magic over IRC vs me or Xerent all you need is your deck and an IRC client. Recommended IRC clients. Windows: mIRC Linux: x-chat MAC: Colloguy Server: Efnet channel: #Svenskamagic or #oldschool-mtg And here you have the game. sweet 50 minutes game. =) <xerent_> cjva <cjva> xerent_, <xerent_> spela lite ircmagic? <cjva> sure <cjva> jag behöver ändå lite pause i mitt arbete. =) <cjva> udda/jämt? <xerent_> vänta, ska flytta mig :D <cjva> oki doki <cjva> jag har rullat tärning, blandat och dragit iaf. =9 <cjva> och satt på Kjell Höglund som bakgrundsmusik <cjva> nu blir det åka av! <xerent> :D <xerent> jag är barnvakt vid sidan av, om jag är oresponsiv <xerent> hon ritar på papper nu och ser på tv <cjva> oki d

two more decks in the Swedish meta

Eksem from Svenskamagic have completed his deck, and it looks sweet. Don't know about the Atogs, but I guess he have a better view on how they will work in an actual match. Sweet red aggro deck anyways. Also, Jokemon seems to be getting closer and closer to a complete deck (from what I can count, it looks like he's missing 8 lands and a sideboard for his deck) Sweet decks, and nice to see people getting invested in the format that after all represent the best period in Magic the Gatherings history.