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The Knights of Thorn and how it all started

Today our illustrious company is a true force in the Dutch 93/94 guilds. Mari Steinhage is one of the brains behind the honorable Gatherings of the Knights of Thorn, and a pillar in the explosive growth of bearded wizards in the Netherlands. These are some good people, and I hope to soon get the chance to visit the Netherlands to sling some spells. Enjoy! /Mg out This report will cover the third Gathering of the Knights of Thorn. But I'll start from the beginning, how we even arrived at this point. At this moment we have already had three gatherings of the Knights of Thorn and our community grew over the last eight months from seven up to 39 people. Over the years I collected numerous old cards. Whenever possible I put them in EDH decks. But this wasn't enough for me so one day, 5 years ago or so, I decided to build myself an old cards cube. This was my best idea ever. Because the sets I put in the cube where the ones released in '93 and '94. I started with lots

In search for the Alpha rule book

Somewhere, I have an Alpha rule book. Probably in the same place as my other core set rule books. But right now it is the Alpha book I'm looking for. I want to take a stroll through the curious laws of Magic we were offered in August 1993. It would be good to freshen up before The Wizards' Tournament takes place. I know it's not just memory playing tricks. I wrote about that particular rule book here . But since I wrote that post I've called six different places home, and I've packed everything I own into unlabeled boxes more times than I care to recall. So it does exist, somewhere. It could be in a box in the storage room, in the last box at my parents' home in Gothenburg, or lurking somewhere in the closet. I have no idea. But I do have a closet to look through right here, so I thought it might be fun to take this opportunity to invite you guys with me. One pretty cool thing is that a growing number of Magic players these days refer to themselv