Visar inlägg från juli, 2016

AFK and some decks to beat

I’m off to ride a bike from Gothenburg to Oslo during the next four or five days, and then travel north and live in a log-cabin for a week or so. Look at cows and such I guess. What do Magic players even do on their vacations? Erik, Marina, Gajol, Honka, Øyann and Hörnet yesterday. To be fair, one person around this table does not play Magic. I'll be off the grid for a week or two, or at least far away enough to not properly update the blog this week or the next. Some digital vacation. Though if there's need for some extra 93/94 fix during the coming week or two, I've updated the Decks-to-Beat section with 16 new decks :) Arcon 93/94 Top4 14 participants, photos of 4/4 decks. The large Arcon convention in Norway hosted their first non-proxy 93/94 tournament this year. The Norwegian 93/94 meta is much like their metal; unusually black. Again we see a top4 without a single blue card, instead Sinkholes, Geddons and large creatures reign supreme alongside a TaxEdge deck

Battle at Blackpool: The UK Championships in Old School Mtg

One could argue that the last month has been a harsh mistress for the Kingdom. News speaks of political turmoil and an abrupt end in the UEFA soccer cup. But as the scald of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote; The course of true love never did run smooth. For love is there, as good people with good stories will tell. This one, about the first UK Blackpool championships in old school Magic , didn't grace the papers. But it is a tale to indulge. This is the story from the horses mouth. It's my pleasure to give the soap box to the first Blackpool UK Champion in old school Magic; Bryan Connolly! Enjoy! /Mg out Welcome to my first Old School report, which is actually on my first Old School event... When I first heard of old school, I was disappointed to discover that some groups only allowed up to unlimited printings for base set and no reprints. I can see the attraction of keeping it exclusive, but this represented a big of a challenge for me. I actually started playing round Beta/U

Party Crashing at Wexio 2016

Of course he has it. Everyone always has it. Why haven’t I been practicing my Orb flips? Desolation. Wexio. The summer convention of Växjö form a rare twilight between the sanctioned Magic scene and the Mtg underground. Sure, they host an FNM during the Friday, but it’s no-proxy Vintage. The Saturday draft is Eternal Masters. The Standard tournament is there, of course, but it seems like a footnote for people who enjoy playing Standard rather than some high-stakes competition of judge calls. The tournaments usually host around 10-20 people, all whom really enjoy the game. People laugh here. Some guy drives his car for ten hours to get to Wexio and play his 100-card tribal Gnomes deck. Here, Magic is a game like the others, not an obvious feature of the players or a reason for aggression or tilts. Or perhaps not like the others. It really is the best game. I’d spent the last week in Gothenburg, hanging out with family and friends in my old home town. Had a few evenings at Honka’s

Gothenburg, WSK Preparations and Arcon notes

Six weeks of some combination of vacation and leave of absence has just started. Gonna catch me some fish and get me some chilax. Went to a new barber in Gothenburg to get a summer moustache. It's a sweet moustache. There's an E-Sport bar in Gothenburg called GG Bar. Something of a mecca for nerds who enjoy the combination of beer, games, cocktails and chiptunes. The local 93/94 players recently decided to make that their meetup point for monthly 93/94 spell slinging, and I had the chance to join the first gathering this Monday. Nine people met up, and we hosted an impromptu casual tournament. Worth noting may be that out of the three decks that didn't play Mishra's Factory, all three of them made it to the top4. Mishra-schmishra. The final standings in the top4 looked like this 1. Farsan (Lestree Zoo; UGR Zoo) 2. Mg (Party Crasher Porter; BW Geddon) 3. Halo00, aka Beyonce (Trick Deck; BRu Underworld Dreams) 4. Kalle, aka Egget (Power Monolith; 5c Power Artifa