Visar inlägg från januari, 2020

The Information Underflow

Back in 2008 - which seems like yesteryear but actually was over a decade ago - my ragtag Magic team Squattelhaups considered moving into Commander. Or EDH, as it was known back then. We frequented most everything casual; Block Wars, Cap Magic, 15-card Vintage, 3CB, RRD and a majority of the other unsanctioned formats we'd dug up online or in magazines. We of course also made our own formats - 93/94 and Tribelander most popular among them - and additionally things like Broken Tribal Multiplayer, Chromiumatic, FallenHomelands and RRC. But I digress. Commander was the thing on the horizon. Move aside, 500SekLegacyFourCardComboConstructed. You were a stupid format anyway. Now, it is hard to overstate how much Commander has grown since 2008. Even in our deep trench of casual, we knew none in Sweden that actually played it. So we set out to blaze some trails, but quickly got discouraged. 'Cause even in the days when foils like Time Stretch, Mana Reflection and Coalition Relic

2019 Retrospective

I should still write one of these, right? Even though All Tings Considered already did it better, and Pitcast filled in any possible blanks? And with only 24 posts for the entire year, this being is my least productive year on the blag since 2011? Thought I did write ten more articles for this fanzine. Does that count? I suppose it is tradition at this point. This would after all be the seventh annual retrospective here. And looking back at something like 2013 or 2015 gives some perspective. Maybe I'll look at 2019 the same way in a few years. Quite a few things happened after all, and the coming decade surely looks interesting for the format. Something's fishy in the south... I've played less Magic this year than most years before it. Not that I was growing bored, but rather that life in 2019 demanded a shifted focus. That's a good thing with a hobby though; it is a spice of life rather than a main dish. We are free to pepper to taste and occasionally