Power Monolith tech and #MtgForLife day 4

My original plan for this weekend was a trip to Munich for a company conference, but I eventually realized that it wasn't a sustainable plan. My girlfriend is leaving for a six-month mission in a few weeks, and a weekend with a packed schedule in another country didn't feel like the best of timings. A lot to do at work as well, so in the end I opted to stay in Oslo. And it was a good weekend to stay in Norway. Yesterday, the second non-proxy 93/94 tournament was hosted in Moss, about an hours drive away from my home.

It was a great tournament. No less than 26 people showed up, making this the second biggest non-shark tournament in Scandinavia yet. The store where we played had its own bar, the tech was plentiful, and the ambience was great. A big group from Arvika joined up, as well as a car from Varberg, and the latest n00bcon winner Kalle from Gothenburg. I started out at 0-2, but eventually picked up some victories for a 3-2 record, missing top8 on my horrible tiebreakers. I have a bunch of pictures from the tournament, and hope to get a tournament report from the organiser or winner.

The top8 was diverse, with RG Berserk, Troll Disco, The Deck, Stasis, Nether Void Ponza, and two copies of Power Monolith. Power Monolith combo is clearly the real deal, with 2 out of 2 decks in the tournament going to the elimination rounds. The decks have pretty different builds though.
Thomas's Power Monolith
Jhovalking's Power Monolith
The Candelabra looked like insane sweet tech in Thomas's deck. It untapped all his lands to give him colored mana the same turn he cast Power Artifact, and when he got it together with Library of Alexandria and Maze of Ith things just got ridiculous. Jhoval's deck was a little less "all-in", and only played two copies of Power Artifact, but backed up the main combo with cards like Su-Chi and the Guardian Beast / Chaos Orb combo.


So, #MtgForLife. Four days, and we've raised 5,711 USD. Some players are simply awe-inspiring, and players from everywhere contribute the way they can. Two days ago, a guy walked into a store in Sweden, sold his Unlimited Black Lotus, and promtly donated 1,500 to the campaign. That is god damn generous. I've talked to the owner of the Mindstage store in Gothenburg, and he is planning on hosting a charity tournament in his store in November. Greg Titcomb (@oldschoolmtg at instagram) has started a raffle to give perks from his own collection to any of his followers who supports the campaign. Shaman Ben of the MtgUnderground gave the money he would spend on his Beta Nevinyrral's Disk to #MtgForLife, and instead did this to his Unlimited Disk:
59 backers so far. You are awesome. Even if you don't feel you can afford to give more than a few bucks, every contribution matters, and any help to spread the word is appreciated.

Again, we've raised over 5,700 in four days. It is reason to be proud. After the response from the stores in Sweden, lets see if we can get some of the large American stores on board as well!