Visar inlägg från oktober, 2017

Leprecon 3: The Repreconing

A letter lost in the shuffle. A story from a simpler time perhaps, when we had the summer ahead of us. One night, we sit down, breathe out, ponder, and find the hidden gem in our lap. Perhaps this was the way it should be. The other stories from that pub in Karlstad all had long journeys between their creators' minds and the public's eye. Let's follow Max Weltz back to back to the early days of summer. Let us finally hear his story from Leprecon 3. Enjoy! /Mg out  For the second year in a row I find my way to Karlstad, or the red pin as my son calls it. Why calling it the red pin, will you ask? Because Google. I spent the day after the tournament looking for a giant red pin in Karlstad city center but could not find one. The Tourist Information Center did not seem to have heard of it either. Do not always trust what is on Google. For those keeping score at home, my wife does know where Karlstad is now. And really, if Magic has helped me with anything, it is definitel

Community Spotlight: Oldschool in Québec City

With both the Eternal Central Championship  and the Fishliver Oil Cup coming up in the next couple of weeks, it can be unusually tempting for an observer to view 93/94 as a large, organized format with a coherent followership. We do have 100+ player tournaments these days after all. But I still don't believe that is really the case. In the end, 93/94 is all about the grass roots; the local pubs, the local rules and tech, and the local high fives. This is what makes the format what it is. The major tournaments just gather many of these different locals to battle on a common turf. Think 1912 Olympics more than a contemporary Grand Prix. I've been wanting to share some "community spotlights" here for quite some time. What's it like in Yekatrineburg, Manilla, Los Angeles or Québec City? Damn if I know. Some guys do know their stuff however. In particular Christian Arcand, a weathered spellslinger from Canada . Christian quickly picked up the gauntlet when it was s

This Month in Oldschool: September 2017

This has been a memorable month on a personal note. It started with two weeks of after work preparations, and ended with me being literally off-line for the last week. But in the middle some awesome stuff happened: This would of course be an excellent excuse for me to write about "event cards", but alas, time has been leaping at a brisk pace and I haven't found the footing to indulge by a keyboard. I plan to have something to share on that topic before the end of October. So what has been going on around the web this month? Tournament reports I think that the major tournament last month, at least as far as bragging rights and content go, was the first annual Scandinavian Championship in Arvika. Around fifty Swedes and Norwegians gathered in that dark heart of the woods to battle for joy, camaraderie, a coveted title, and an invite to the next world championship. The competition was fierce, the fatigue was real, and in the end, one man stood undefeated with his 9-