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Dip into Premodern, and a frustrating playset

Every now and then I feel like dipping my toes a bit deeper into Premodern. In my personal - obviously very subjective - sense of what goes under the oldschool umbrella, Premodern is starting to scratch on the door. The door of the umbrella I have my toes in, that is. That was a reasonable metaphor. Two sentences in and already butchering the English language. Off to a good start. I don't know if Premodern should be an occasionally recurring topic on this blag (the format do have its own fancy webpage and blag after all), but now that the newest set in the format is closing in on its 19th birthday, Pro Tours and all other tournaments from that era has gone the way of the Dodo, and WotC is pushing "old frames" as some sort of exotic promos, maybe a small sense of nostalgia for the cards isn't unwarranted. I had that Oath deck built four years ago, which I guess translates to me being somewhat early as format adopters go. Four years after Berlin first started the forma

Dwarven Warriors 4: Organizers Report

There is a place of romance and decadence, beyond jubilation and wistfulness, lost in the intersection between cognition and subconscious.  Those of us with bad pronunciation call this magical place "4,000". Submitted for your approval, the Magistroi of 4,000, Mr. Erwin Demmer. This is his story from the fourth time the dwarfs gathered at his home to wage war. /Mg out Class of ‘69 DWC started this year the week before the real start. On Saturday Juan and his lovely lady Helena (which he met a day after DWC last year) came with my biggest Spanish friend Purple. They blew me away with some awesome DWC merchandise. Even 36 beer glasses with on the bottom a double-sided sticker from a Dwarven Warrior. How cool is that?!? I was already in awe, but they blew me away with a playmat featuring MYSELF carrying the flag of 4000. :) :) Wow, wow, wow, this is too much, and the weekend is just beginning! CHEERS! What a dedication from my Spanish Friends! Beer coasters, stickers, beer glass

Oldschool Team Rochester Draft

The other week I got to sling physical OS Magic for the first time in almost exactly a year. Sure, there's been a few one-on-one games with e.g. Hardy since last August, but any kind of group gathering had been sorely lacking. But suddenly local hero Thomas Nilsen wanted to entertain a slow Thursday evening, and the whole pandemic thing appeared to be on the back burner. So he turned on the bat signal and invited some local nerds to his place for OS cube drafting. Thomas's Cube is a sweet one. I've played a handful different non-proxy OS cubes (belonging to e.g. Berlin , Brorsan , Oldschool-Viktor , and Kalle), but Thomas's is probably the most oldschool of them all. Fully black bordered, with only A/B The Gathering and the four horsemen (i.e. Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark). So no fancy new-fangled Fallen Empires with their complicated copyright line and expertly saturated dot-gain. We're Year One oldschool here; August 1993 to August 1994. A few

Granite Gargoyle

There's a famous writing technique called the iceberg theory. It states that the writer should only describe surface elements of a story while avoiding explicit discussion on any underlying themes. Context and character motivations could be skipped altogether; it's up to the reader to fill in the blanks.  The technique was conceived by Ernest Hemingway in the early 1920s. He theorized that he could omit any part of a story - even the ending - and the omitted part would strengthen the story as a whole.   Hemingway believed the deeper meaning of a story should not be evident on the surface. And a lot readers picked up on his ideas. I read a review recently where some literary scholar argued it would be easier to name contemporary fiction writers that weren't influence by Hemingway than to name those who were. And, I mean, formalizing the idea of having the reader create the context of a story is brilliant. Among the most popular examples of the technique we have Hemingway