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The most playable creatures in Oldschool

It appears we keep nibbling at the smorgasbord of potential topics we found on the last mailday . Well, if I can't play and I ain't getting much new mail, mise well keep punching that horse. And, I mean, typographical errors in Alpha and miscuts aren't horrible topics for this blag, so I don't feel like we're scraping the barrel. But please call me out if I start writing lengthy analyses on Operation Desert Storm or the life of Georg H.W. Bush. So, another spoil of that spicy mail day was a playset of Alpha Scryb Sprites. I noted that I hadn't been actively looking for Alpha versions of that card, but that Alpha was what I found, and the price tag wasn't, quote, " that bad considering it mise well be a top10 creature in the format". And then a hero in the comment section asked what I would consider to be the top10 creatures in oldschool, and now here we are. Before we start, I have a bunch of disclaimers. First, this list is what I would conside

Miscuts, misalignments, and NFCs

As I traded away my non-factory cut Transmute Artifacts a few weeks ago , it dawned on me that we've never talked about miscuts or sheet alignment errors here. So it's high time for a quick post about that. Let's start with the obligatory Chaos Orb example from the Orb binder: The white bar at the top is the sheet edge. The error here is a misaligned back and shifted gold-border print. Yeah, I personally can't do better than Collectors' Edition to showcase a shifted Chaos Orb. Turns out these things are kinda hard to come by if you are looking for a specific card from the ABU rare sheet. A particularly sweet thing with Chaos Orb however is that it is located at the top row of the sheet, and as such will show sheet edge if off-centered enough. There is at least one Alpha Chaos Orb (and I'm fairly sure at least one Unlimited copy) that shows sheet edge in addition to this CE copy. Could well be more, but the total population of Orbs showing sheet edge is probably

Typesetting Troubles in Alpha

Card templating demand precision and accuracy. Looking back on the history of Magic typesetting, we'll find examples of cards with the wrong text (like Time Elemental in Spanish 4th Edition), cards with text omitted (like Vampire Bats in Chinese 4th Edition), or cards with their text offset incorrectly. The right Gaea's Touch has incorrect offset on text and symbols; a fairly common error on this particular card. Another possible typesetting error is accidental printing with the wrong font. The most famous font error in Magic is probably Æṛathi Berserker from Legends. While it didn't exactly get printed with the wrong font, the letter 'Æ' didn't exist in the standard Magic font at the time so it was printed with the first letter of its name omitted. Reasonably fun fact is that 'Æ' exists in the italicized flavor text font. Additional reasonably fun fact is that WotC created a plane called 'Rath' a couple of years later inspired by this error. Not

Post lock-down post

197 days. That's a pretty long time without restaurants, pubs, or social gatherings of note. But now, just the other day, Oslo started to open up for social discourse. The news around here are already talking about 26th of May as a liberation day of sorts. Movement is afoot. As a small footnote in the book that is the lock-down, the closed border led to six months since my last proper #mailday. And it's not like I've stopped trading or doom-shopping cards, but rather that most all my stuff has been on the other side of the Swedish-Norwegian border. I frequently use my parents place in Sweden as shipping address rather than my home in Norway, as e.g. MKM doesn't really work outside of EU (and Norway isn't part of the EU). But I haven't been able to cross that border for close to sixteen months, and so a pretty substantial pile of random cards have been accumulated at my parents' house. This is not that mailday though. This mailday is rather all the oldschoo