Visar inlägg från maj, 2013

Rule anecdotes and a slight errata

As a general rule, we try to play with updated rules and Oracle errata. From time to time players mentions missing mana burn (Power Surge is pretty bad with new rules), not being able to turn of Winter Orb with Icy, or being able to win using the Mirror Universe/City of Brass combo. However, as most of you know, many of the old rules were pretty strange. To quote my Beta rulebook I got from Viktor "Oldschool" at BSK 2011: "During the course of a game, a dispute that you cannot solve by referencing the rules may occur. If both players agree, you can resolve the difference for the current game with a coin toss. After the duel, you can come to a decision about how you want to play such a situation in the future. If the players don't agree to a coin toss, both players retrieve their ante and the duel is a draw." It of course got better a few years later, in the era of the newfangled tap symbol and whatnot, but it was still far from intuitive. I los

A casual report of HUVUDTURNERINGEN

During the n00bcon weekend, a second smaller tournament was held at the time of the world championship top8. This tournament was referred to by the participants as HUVUDTURNERINGEN ("The Main Tournament"). The winner was no one else than Robert Schram, aka the winner of BSK 2011 as well as the finalist of n00bcon 2012 (among other achievements). Robert wrote a short tournament report yesterday, and I felt it needed to be shared. This report was originally written in Swedish by Robert, and I can only take credit for the translation and image texts. /MG It was finally time to travel to n00bcon 5: World Championships 2013! This report is not about the world champs tournament however, but about the side event known as The Headless One's MAIN TOURNAMENT 2013. Due to conflicting schedules with my work, I wasn't able to get away in time to participate in the n00bcon tournament. Regardless, I decided to travel down to Gothenburg to drink a few beers, hang out with good pe

Bay area sweetness and some new cards

It's been over two weeks since I updated here, which is fairly unusual. The main reason for the pause is me moving up North. I'm no longer a Bavarian, but now a Norwegian in Oslo. Not quite the feel of Sweden yet, but it's nice to have a name on the door again, and I know at least one old school player in this city I'd like to meet up with. The apartment here is awesome btw; I've really missed it and my roomates. So what happend the last few weeks? We're looking a date for the Pimpvitational, and the 93/94 format is becoming more and more visible in Sweden in general. On a personal note, I've gotten my first power card to my blue-black deck. I actually traded for it with a well-known player from Gothenburg as well, which has a kind of nicer ring than buying it from somewhere on the web. Gave quite a bunch of cards for it though. I also got a few more cards since n00bcon, these are my latest additions: One of Elof's old Drains btw, that gotta carry