söndag 24 februari 2013

Five cards with possible potential

Five weeks to easter and n00bcon! I'd like to mention a few cards that haven't really seen any play at all yet, but might make a splash this year. Last n00bcon we saw Relic Barrier make a huge impact, and during BSK we saw Haunting Winds take a player to the top4. We also had Petra Sphix and Field of Dreams in the top8 :)

1. Gaea's Avenger

Last year's winner played 24 artifacts maindeck, and it's not uncommon for the control decks to play 1/3 or more of the cards in their decks as artifacts. Facing a couple of Moxen and a Sol Ring, this is a 4/4 for 3, and it grows with your opponent's mishras as well. The fact that it's immune to City in a Bottle, and many times can play around lightning bolt, may make this guy fairly playable. The issue is of course that your opponent needs board presence to make him big, but as long as those artifacts are mostly mana I think this guy could make the cut.

2. Hyperion Blacksmith

This dude is a reasonable cheap 2/2 for 3, that can work double shift as someone who turns on your opponents Howling Mines or Winter Orbs when you need it, as well as tapping out his mana stones or threats. The 1RR mana cost may be a little restrictive, but I definitely think that this guy could be good enough, at least in sideboards.

3. Land Equilibrium

I have no idea how this should work, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this card somehow get it's way into Electric Eel aggro. Again, don't know how, but the effect looks very powerful, especially alongside Energy Flux and cheap threats.

4. Ice Storm

I guess this one was an easy pick. We've seen Stone Rain pop up in a lot of sideboards the last year, and I think that Ice Storm should be due. Almost regardless of your strategy, being able to kill a Library, Mishra or City is very relevant. Also, this one is harder to counter than stone rain (as BEB is heavily played).

5. Mana Vortex

A some point every year I spend a few moments to try to break Mana Vortex, still with no success. It has the feel of a (terrible) old school smokestack, but it never seems to work as expected. I just feel that there should be some Dingus Egg prison deck out there that can use Mana Vortex, and I'd love to see someone actually manage to use this.

There are lots of other potential tech of course, I myself will try to assemble a highly random Power Artifact deck (which obviously will win the tournament, power or none).

måndag 18 februari 2013

Pimpwalker invitational

The first 93/94 invitational will be held during Easter sunday. The invited are the top8 in the pimpwalker standings, currently these guys:

1. Kalle "egget" Nord 
2. Rickard "Pefken" Samuelson 
3. Elof Gottfridson
4. Robert Schram 
5. Daniel "GaJol" Nilson
6. Magnus "Mg" de Laval
7. Hjalmar "Honka" Backlund
8. Jocke "Troligt att jag är top8" Almelund

The invitation list is then in falling order, so if anyone can't join, #9 in the standings will be able to take his spot, and so on.

As is customary with invitational tournaments, we will shake up the odds a little by playing the format in an unusal way. After long considerations about how to play the invitational, we ended up with classic 93/94; but with Fallen Empires as a legal 8th set. Will Hymn to Tourach give the black decks the final push, will Goblin Grenade make sligh viable, and would River Merfolk put monoblue at top as a new tempodeck?

So, what do you win apart from old school glory only comparable to winning n00bcon or BSK? You win a new binder, courtesy of the blogs founder cjva (aka Stalin):

In other news, with a month and a halv to go, and a little over a week since n00bcon was announced, we're already 20 players signed up, and this does not include many of the old school foxes that usually joins us. It will be a sweet gathering, and the power will be aplenty.

Rad dudes playing at n00bcon IV. The guy with the sleeves is btw not Kalle, but another nerd thug, and the dude in the middle plays the Moss Monster deck ;)

lördag 9 februari 2013

n00bcon V!

Easter is coming up, and with that the world championship in Old School mtg! It's a gathering of beer, good friends and awesome magic, and it's the most prestigious tournament in the format. Last year 34 players gathered to cast turn 1 Juzams and tap Howling Mines with Relic Barriers, and anyone who's got a deck should appreciate this competition!

What: n00bcon, aka the World Championships in 93/94 magic. This is the fifth n00bcon, and it's traditionally held during Gothcon (Sweden's best gaming convention), adjacent to the main convention site. The first ever tournament in 93/94 was held at the Gothcon site in 2008, since 2009 we've used an adjacent pub as tournament location.

Where: Rotary Pub, about 8 minutes walking distance from the Gothcon site (in Gothenburg). We've rented the pub for the duration of the tournament, so only players will be allowed at the site. The pub hosts a very impressive selection of beers from around the world, if that's your poison. Note that you need to be 18 to be allowed in the pub, and that you can't bring your own beer.

Time: 13.00 Holy Saturday March 30. 60 min rounds in the swiss, fairly untimed t8, best out of five in the finals. Note that this wont collide with any of the vintage tournaments at Gothcon (nor with the ptq, and there are also additional legacy tournaments at Gothcon during other days), since the good people at Gothcon has made there schedule in such a way that anyone attending both n00bcon and Gothcon can get all the magic they need.

Other new stuff: We vill make convention pins this year, mostly since we can and we think it's sweet. During the Sunday we will also hold the first 93/94 invitational tournament,

Registration: If you speak Swedish/are a member of svenskamagic.com, the easist way to register is to join the Old School forum table (ask e.g. me (mg) for an invitation). If you're not Swedish, send me a mail at delaval(at)gmail.com. Any questions about the tournament can be mailed there as well.

Cost: 100 sek (about €10). It's not mandatory to pay the fee (it's expensive enough to build the decks), but we who pays for the location, prices, and pins would be happy if you payed some money in order to help out with our expenses. Any donations in form of random prices are also very welcome.

Pimpwalker points: The pimpwalker point system will be applied for this tournament with a x5 multiplier.

Hope to see you there!