Visar inlägg från oktober, 2019

Franky and stuff

What I really wanted to write about was the 2019 Scandinavian Championship that took place last weekend. A hero from my old hometown winning, besting a top8 containing both the Swedish end boss that is Elof Gottfridson and the international end boss that is Alban Lauter. And Mitja, who picked up his second top4 at that tournament in two years. The last Shark tournament in Arvika, at least for the foreseeable future, and alas the first Shark tournament I wasn't present at. But, as the last sentence hinted, I wasn't present and can't really make up a report. I might get the top8 lists and write some player profiles in the not too distant future though. And better yet, the the winner of the tournament contacted me yesterday about the prospect of him writing a report, so there's something to look forward to. My second plan was to write some more info about winc0n, but we don't really have much to add since last time. Though it looks like the date will be the first wee

Blind notes from the Fishliver Oil Cup Ed 3

Let me start by saying that the weekend in Genoa was the sweetest large magic event I've played. I've been a frequent guest at conventions since 1997 and never felt more excited, welcome nor entertained at a convention or large tournament than I did two weeks ago. It may be hard to compare an 130-plus-player 3-day event like Fishliver Oil Cup something more casual like the 12-player Dwarven Warriors tournament , and they scratch different itches. But I can safely say that this was the sweetest gathering of thirty-plus Magic players I've encountered yet. Can't wait to see what the crew will come up with for Winc0n next year. That's the tl;dr. Last time I was down on Italian turf was at Fishliver Oil Cup 0 in 2016. Though it wasn't called Edizione 0 at the time, and the tournament took place in Camaiore rather than Genoa. Back then we were three Scandinavians in attendance; Hardy and myself from Oslo, along with Martin Berlin from Stockholm. Then I missed ou