Visar inlägg från oktober, 2021

Autumn cleaning

This post is a bit overdue. Not that we should have posted it a week ago or so, but more that we haven't done any sort of cleaning or page updates on the blag for years. I hadn't done any Decks-to-Beat updates since n00bcon X, the hot hyperlinks lacked obvious stuff like Timmy Talks and Emerald City Trolls, and the " popular posts " page showed nothing since the Obama administration. Ah, autumn cleaning and re-sorting of the bookshelf. Though that seems like a supremely scary place for a fire sprinkler... Time is weird, as is views. Do you know which post has been the most read this year on the blog? That would be the only post from 2021 that don't have any comments here, and the post I spent the least amount of time on with a decent margin. The graph of instant gratification. Well over 12,000 people checked out Blogger has bad UX, and it annoys me at the end of July. If you haven't read it, you really don't need to. It's a mostly uninteresting post w