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Decks and rants from Fishliver Oil Cup Lanterna (and Eternal Weekend)

During the last month, we not only witnessed the largest EC-rules tournament this side of the ocean in a lighthouse in Genoa, we also saw the biggest EC-tournament ever at the yearly Eternal Weekend in the New World. Around these parts, EC-rules gatherings are few and far between. Across the Sea though, they are the most common way to play 93/94 by a good margin. For those unfamiliar or in need of a refresher course, these are the main changes from the "Baseline B&R" which we commonly cover here: * Fallen Empires is a legal set * Maze of Ith and Recall are restricted * Strip Mine, Mishra's Workshop and Shahrazade are unrestricted * Nalathni Dragon and the two first book promo cards (Arena and Sewers of Estark) are legal Spoiler alert: Not meta defining. EC rules also reinstates Mana Burn as a game rule, which may make cards like Su-Chi slightly more dangerous to play. Additional changes from the full on "Swedish rules" also include a different re

Fishliver Oil Cup Top16

I must confess I kinda enjoy not opening the floodgates on decklists too quickly. Sure, we lose some instant gratification by not getting the info as soon as it is available, but on the other hand it gives players a chance to reveal their own tech in the way they see fit - with own reports and such - and may give a little more lasting feeling from the events. And lest we not forget, back in the oldschool days decklists weren't public at all. Once they were, you'd still have to wait a few weeks until you got your hands on the latest magazine. Or in the case of The Wizards' Tournament, about a year. There's a good handful sweet reports from the Fishliver Oil Cup on the webosphere now. Svante Landgraf wrote Pictures of Genoa over at End of turn, draw a card; the honorable winner Francesco posted his tales on a glorious "altervista" page ; Flafoux shared some great experiences on French Boars ; Bryan had a sweet interview with Martin Berlin about the tourna

Fishliver Oil Cup - Columbus Night: Notes from an improbable winner

Genoa. One of the true strongholds for mages of old. A couple of weeks ago we saw the third annual Fishliver Oil Cup take place in the ancient buildings of northern Italy. And to commemorate the Columbus Night celebration, the evening before the main event saw the wizards borrowing inspiration from their brethren in The New World. That meant Eternal Central rules, and 70 mages joined for the most anticipated EC-rules gathering this side of the ocean yet. It is my pride and honor to share with you the words of a master wizard. I give you our Columbus Night champion ; Daniele Brunazzo. Enjoy! /Mg out Hey ho, let's go! It was a cold and stormy night... Ok, never mind, it was actually quite sunny when I landed in Italy the day before the Fishliver Oil Cup in Genova. You see, even if in my veins runs pure Italian blood (some would say Nebbiolo at this point, but whatever), I am living in Germany since five years. And before that I made sure to enjoy the life of quite a few different