Banned and Restricted update 2013

After n00bcon each year, a group of players and organizers take a hard look on the B&R list and see if we need to change it. Updates are based on what we hear from players, the last year's results and previous year's discussions. Many cards were discussed, here are five of them.

Mind Twist: Mind Twist is insanely good, feels unfair, and have a history of being banned in Vintage. This year again we talked about it's impact on the format. Even though it can be a backbreaking card to face, we think that we should never ban non-ante cards from tournaments. Mind Twist is still restricted, and it seems highly unlikely that it will ever be banned.

Power Artifact: Aside from some casual builds, Power Artifact haven't made much noise as a one-off. In the end it was however clear that it is far to easy to go infinite with the card if it's allowed as 4-off. It would be much less of an offender if it wasn't a blue card (as blue is both the best color and have access to 4 transmute artifact). Power Artifact stays restricted.

Fork: Fork is a sweet card that currently only sees fringe play. It seems like the Fork Recursion deck (see older post in the blog for a list) would still be too oppressive though, and it was decided to keep Fork restricted.

City in a Bottle: City in a Bottle can be very annoying as it both kills the best manafixing land in the format, and a majority of the best creatures. It was discussed wether or not City in a Bottle itself makes people unwilling to build some casual decks. However, as it kills a huge amount of the playable cards in the format, it is also very hard to play with, and it is a very important card in white weenie. As City is not heavily played and fairly easy to answer, City in a Bottle is still legal as 4-off.

Mana Drain: The big one. There were two playsets of Mana Drain in the BSK final, and two playsets of Mana Drain in the n00bcon final. Seven of eight decks in the n00bcon top8 played multiple Mana Drain (as did the 9th place player). Mana Drain was the only card in the format that is banned in Legacy and not restricted in 93/94. It is very oppressive and it was an obvious mainstay in the unfair decks. With all this taken into account; Mana Drain is restricted in 93/94.

Mana Drain will be added to restricted list May 1st 2013.