Machine Head Ponza

I don't really remember when or how, but many years ago I read about a deck that was noted to have "playsets of both Juzam and Birds" ("birds" not "bop", as in the mid 90's people hadn't invented abbreviations yet; wog was still referred to as wrath and no one called wheel of fortune "wof" or something like that). As I recall, the deck was called Machine Head, a name that now implies a red-black deck, but back then created images of Terminator Juzam in my head.

This n00bcon, a real old school hero showed me how it's done with his interpretation of old school land destruction. Roland Johansson have played this game since Legends, and he's been a mainstay in the Gothenburg eternal community. Roland defeated yours truly in the finals of the Gothcon Vintage tournament in 2007 (that game was decided by a coinflip btw, as both of us wanted to sleep), and also put me out of contetion for top8 at n00bcon 2012 when I missed a Chaos Orb flip on his Sengir Vampire. Apart from having an undefeated streak against me when it comes to flipping stuff, he also have a great appreciation for both the game and it's history. It always sweet to see him play, and he rarly plays less than 4 Juzams when possible.

Note the singleton Desert Twister in his decklist, and the Titania's Songs in the sideboard. Good stuff.


  1. Nice one. How did the deck perform at N00bcon?


    P.S: It seems that currently we are neighbors, as I'm living in Munich-Schwabing as well (Parzivalstraße). :) Though I'll be moving to Thalkirchen in a few weeks.

  2. The deck went 2-1-2 in the swiss.

    I'll be in Munich until May 10th, however I'll be flying away both of the weekends before that. If you have a deck and want to play a short game (or just meet up for a beer as long as I'm in the country), I'd be glad to meet up :) Send me a mail and we'll work something out.


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