I'm continuing with posts of n00bcon decklist for now, still lot of sweet tech to be shown.

The Distress archetype was (as far as I know, and at the very least in our community) invented by Daniel "GaJol" Nilsson; the highest ranking non-shark in the last year's pwp standings. I've previously written about Nilsson and his great contributions to both the meta and the spirit of the format, so for now we'll just dive in to the tech.

Distress was originally based on the assumption that no player can destroy more than 4 enchantments (as they only play at most 4 Disenchant). Hence, if a player can maintain control enough to not lose the game himself, it will be very hard for the opponent to handle multiple clocks in the likes of Underworld Dreams and Warp Artifact. The name is based on the "bleeding" feeling of the opponent, and primarily as an opposite of the word tranquillity (as the card Tranquillity destroys all enchantments).

Distress has a fairly good matchup against the Deck; another version of the deck ended up in the top4 of last BSK, and this n00bcon GaJol just missed the top8 on tiebreaks. Apart from Glenn Johanssons RG aggro deck (that also missed top8 on tiebreaks), this was the highest placed non-blue deck in the tournament. With Mana Drain restricted, the blue decks may lose some of their utter dominance, and decks like Distress may shine even brighter in the near future.

No power, no library, still second highest placed non-blue deck. Gajol knows.


  1. ! There it is :D
    I will tell you this, i have a new version of this deck, and it's a monster...
    This time i was playing fair.... But no more!

  2. Looking forward to see it in action :)


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