N00bcon standings and news around the world

Two weeks since n00bcon, and since then we've gotten at least two shout-outs from impressive international sources. The official Magic web page talked about the format, showed a picture of n00bcon 2012 top4 competitor Mikael “nesid” Magnusson deck, and mentioned the bragging rights of winning our World Champioship (http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/eventcoverage/gpstr13/day1#2). Also, Vintage superhero Stephen Menedian gave my n00bcon top8 deck thumbs up, and he both knows about the format and seems to enjoy the concept :)

Juzam AND Doppelganger. Clearly unbeatable.

On that note, it's high time to post the final standings from n00bcon:

1 Olof "Elof" Gottfridsson
2 Joakim Almelund
3 Rickard "Pefken" Samuelsson
4 Robin "Hagelpump" Lundberg
5 Magnus "Mg" de Laval
6 Andreas "Fork" Andersson
7 Erling "Icelander" Hansson
8 Mikael "Åland" Johansson
9 Kalle "Egget" Nord
10 Joakim "Jokemon" Jansson
11 Glenn "Glennish" Johansson
12 Daniel "GaJol" Nilsson
13 Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson
14 Roland Johansson
15 Mikael "Johvalking" Ahlberg
16 Hjalmar "Honka" Backlund
17 Fredrik "Sveby" Svedby
18 Nicklas "Scout88" Andersson
19 Emanuel "Rahwin" Ristorp
20 Rasmus Björklund
21 Andreas "JummJumm" Leo
22 Daniel "Kungen" Ahlberg
23 Arvid Alfredsson Grahn
24 Jonas Ullestam
25 Viktor "Hoben" Lindgren
26 Kim Lundblad

This was the second largest tournament in the format, overshadowed only by n00bcon 4. However I would say that this was my favourite tournament in the format so far; it was better prepared and also we had pins :)

We did not hold the pimpvitational during the weekend, as we felt we didn't really have the time to properly set up our decks. The date of the pimpvitational is not completely set yet, but we're looking at going out to a cabin in the woods sometime in the middle of the Swedish summer. It will be insanely sweet. It seems like everyone invited wants to come, so we'll try to match it up with when most of the players have vacation. For this new season, this is the current standings (after World Champs and a side event during the n00bcon weekend):

Rank Name PWP
1 Olof "Elof" Gottfridsson 33
2 Joakim Almelund 22
3 Rickard "Pefken" Samuelsson 17
4 Robin "Hagelpump" Lundberg 17
5 Mikael "Åland" Johansson 13
6 Kalle "Egget" Nord 13
7 Glenn "Glennish" Johansson 11
8 Robert Schram 11
9 Magnus "Mg" de Laval 9
10 Andreas "Fork" Andersson 9
11 Erling "Icelander" Hansson 9
12 Daniel "GaJol" Nilsson 9
13 Mikael "Johvalking" Ahlberg 9
14 Hjalmar "Honka" Backlund 7
15 Joakim "Jokemon" Jansson 5
16 Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson 5
17 Arvid Alfredsson Grahn 5
18 Roland Johansson 3
19 Andreas "JummJumm" Leo 3
20 Fredrik "Sveby" Svedby 1
21 Nicklas "Scout88" Andersson 1
22 Emanuel "Rahwin" Ristorp 1
23 Rasmus Björklund 1
24 Daniel "Kungen" Ahlberg 1
25 Jonas Ullestam 1
26 Viktor "Hoben" Lindgren 1
27 Kim Lundblad 1

Finally, we've been discussing the ban & restricted list extensively the last two weeks. I'll post our results from the discussion in the next few days.



  1. Great Format.

    Can we see more decklists/photos of decks from N00bcon?

    Best regards from Munich,

    1. Absolutely, I'll keep them comming.

      Best regards from Munich (Currently in Schwabing myself)


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