Mark Justice 2013

Rumor says that when someone asked what it was like to play Legacy in Sweden, the answer was "Legacy is a format where you play for 50 minutes, then Elof the Mighty wins". Elof's run in 93/94 magic looks like an equally overwhelming dominance right now. During both n00bcon and Warcon, he didn't lose a single match. To top of his last years achievements he also won BSK, making him the single player to win all the Sharks last year. Considering the fact that no one else has more than a single Shark (though in all fairness; Pefken has won n00bcon twice), this is highly unprecedented. Winning is usually not the top focus for many players in these tournaments, but when someone runs this good, it's hard to not be impressed.

Elof and old school and beer go way back. I first met him at a bar close to a convention called StabCon, the summer of 2004. He moderated a forum table at that focused on the combination of magic and beer which he invited me to, and a year later we were in the same eternal magic team, Team 0-2 Drop, which back then consisted of me, Kalle Nord, Niklas Grip, Elof and a man referred to as Freespace. We were in our early twenties and the team forum became our diary as much as our base for strategic discussions. During this weekend we got a chance to catch up with 6 of the 8 members of the old team. "93/94 is a reason to hang out with sweet people for 60 minutes, then Elof the Mighty wins".

Elof's winning deck is his latest interpretation of control, something Deckish but with even more focus than usual on counters and drawing, with additional Spell Blasts and no less than three maindeck books and two Copy Artifacts.

Enchantments (2)
2 Copy Artifact

Instants (18)
1 Ancestral Recall
4 Swords to Plowshares
3 Disenchant
1 Divine Offering
4 Mana Drain
3 Counterspell
2 Spell Blast

2 Fireball
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Mind Twist
1 Time Walk
1 Recall
1 Regrowth
1 Braingeyser
Artifacts (13)
1 Black Lotus
1 Sol Ring
5 Moxen
3 Fellwar Stone
3 Jayemdae Tome

Lands (19)
4 Tundra
4 Volcanic Island
2 Underground Sea
3 City of Brass
4 Mishra's Factory
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Strip Mine

SB (15)
3 Red Elemental Blast
4 Blue Elemental Blast
2 Dust to Dust
1 Maze of Ith
1 The Abyss
2 Disruptive Scepter
2 Giant Shark

Surprisingly lucky guy, and it's always a pleasure to hang out with him :)