Old Men and Shivan

Daniel "Kungen" Ahlberg managed to take photos of at least 22 of the decks played at n00bcon, so rather than posting decklists, I have the opportunity to post photos for many of the lists played. We'll start with Robin "Hagelpump's" red/blue creation.

Robin has been a mainstay at n00bcon since the start. This tournament he allied himself with Jocke Almelund to form Team PropellerCap; with Jocke finishing at a second place after beating Robin in the semifinals (I also remember a third man with a cap that said "The boss" or something similar, I guess that could have been the team captain). Before that, Robin defeated yours truly in the final game of our top8 match by playing an alpha Shivan Dragon, which is a fairly satisfying way to lose a match.

Robin has recently upgraded his sleeves to the kind that won't destroy the cards while shuffling. Good times.