You're the inspiration.

Home in Gothenburg and joining some friends for pre-Christmas beer and magic tonight. Life is easy.

As an early Christmas present, I present one of the sweetest decks I've ever seen in the format; the Moss Monster deck. The deck is a pile of Aisling Leprechauns, Ifh-Biff Efreets, green circles and green wards. If you've never seen someone play Lifelace on an otherwise match-winning Earthquake in order to survive completely unscathed due to circles and wards, you have something to add to the nerdy part of your bucket list. I'm sorry that I don't have any more complete pictures of the deck (it's all bb and looks beautiful).

Per Olofsson is doing it right.

1 Moss Monster
3 Aisling Leprechaun
2 Force of Nature
2 Ifh-Biff Efreet
1 Verduran Enchantress
1 Veteran Bodyguard

1 Gaea’s Touch
1 Cyclone
1 Sylvan Library
4 Green Ward
4 Circle of Protection: Green
2 Spirit Link

3 Hurricane
1 Regrowth
3 Untamed Wilds

3 Lifelace
2 Disenchant
1 Tawnos’s Coffin
1 Icy Manipulator
1 Sol Ring
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Pearl
2 Fellwar Stone

LANDS (18)
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Maze of Ith
1 Pendelhaven
1 Strip Mine
4 Plains
10 Forest

1 Disenchant
1 Circle of Protection: Red
1 Crumble
1 Dust to Dust
1 Blaze of Glory
1 King Suleiman
1 Aisling Leprechaun
3 Lifeforce
3 Tsunami
1 Hurricane
1 Equinox