Field of the Sphinx Command (Top8 BSK)

Viktor, aka Oldschool, has a great talent for building strange but somehow functional decks. He won n00bcon 2011 with a deck that used Sylvan Library and Millstone to get Colossus of Sardia into the graveyard and animate them with All Hallow's Eve. He missed the Warcon top4 on tiebreakers with the innovative Land of the Lich; a deck that wins by abusing Lich with cards like Diamond Valley, Dark Heart of the Woods and Fastbond. This BSK he again surprised by going top8 with a strange brew that maindecks two Field of Dreams.

The idea is that field of dreams combos well with cards that otherwise might have a more random effect. With the field, you'll always hit with Petra Sphinx, and Nebuchadnezzar becomes much more effective. Even cards like Word of Command and Millstone gets a great deal better at controlling the game. The fact that the field can also kill a random Land's Edge or Nether Void for one blue mana is just gravy. The sideboard is btw "14 cards against The Deck and one Giant Shark". Classy :)

2    Petra Sphinx
2    Nebuchadnezzar
2    Hypnotic Specter

2    Field of Dreams

1    Timetwister
1    Time Walk
1    Demonic Tutor
1    Mind Twist
1    Balance
1    Wrath of God
1    Recall
1    Braingeyser
1    Ancestral Recall
3    Disenchant
3    Swords to Plowshares
4    Mana Drain
2    Word of Command

1    Sol Ring
1    Black Lotus
1    Disrupting Scepter
3    Millstone
1    Mox Sapphire
1    Mox Pearl
1    Mox Jet

LANDS (22)
1    Maze of Ith
3    Scrubland
4    Tundra
4    City of Brass
4    Underground Sea
1    Library of Alexandria
4    Mishra’s Factory
1    Strip Mine
2    The Abyss
1    Giant Shark
1    Field of Dreams
3    Counterspell
3    Underworld Dreams
2    Blue Elemental Blast
1    Boomerang
2    Jade Statue

Topdecking power on both sides of the table, and the board state seems fairly complicated. (Note that one of the Fields is in his graveyard, it's a very small table.)