An invite from the format's memory lane

I've been posting more frequently recently. I guess that it has to do with the fact that I have a working connection after 6 weeks, in combination with the fact that during these six weeks people from around the world (well, Canada and Germany at least) have contacted me and expressed their appreciation of the format. Also, I'm in exile from my playing crew and my cards, and feel some urges to play again. Tonight, after an after-work data base workshop on videolink from Stockholm, I walked home to my place in Munich. I found a dark backstreet pub and considered future topics for the blog (now that some people actually read it occasionally). How do we build decks without power? Is Ironclaw Orcs and Gaea's Avenger much better than people think? Why do we allow Chaos Orb? The question I've got from both the Germans and the Canadians was "how do we start a community".

I'm not sure. It might sound highly corny, but I think the secret ingredients are passion and joy. So far, since n00bcon 2012 last Easter, we have 51 players in Sweden with pimpwalker points; 51 different people played 93/94 in tournament these last nine months. I really wouldn't have guessed that five years ago. We've always include anyone who wanted to play and managed to scramble together any legal deck, and at the same time kept at the side of the more competitive players and events. In the beginning, we had a hard time planning for tournaments, and n00bcon I actually never had a tournament (the first world championships was at n00bcon II, which was won by Rickard "Pefken" Samuelsson).

I recently found the orginal invite poster for n00con I, enjoy in all it's Swedish glory (drawn by Kalle Nord):