Shortly after the release of Ice Age in 1995, a master deckbuilder named Mark Chalice won a 50 person tournament i Costa Mesa, CA. The deck he used for the tournament was was called Vercursion Recursion.

Mark had previously built the Fork Recursion deck, a deck that consequently got Fork on the restricted list (and is the main reason we have Fork restricted in 93/94). When he couldn't use Fork anymore, he realized that Verduran Enchantess could be used as an engine, and went on to build the first known Enchantress deck. The Vercursion Recursion deck heavily relied on 4 copies of Forgotten Lore from Ice Age, and took good use of Mesmeric Trance and Zuran Orb from that same set.

Turn 3, draws deck and wins with Channel Fireball.
Last n00bcon, Mats Karlsson took the opportunity to build an Enchantress deck himself, and created a deck that, in terms of card pool, predates the first known version of Enchantress. Mats borrowed the deck to a friend of his, Kenneth Mossberg, who piloted it to some awesome board states at the tournament. Kenneth have some history from the early years of the Pro Tour btw, including a 18th place at PT Paris 97 (where the the original enchanter Mark Chalice placed 10th).

Enchantress vs. 12cm from the propeller caps team. I'm guessing late game?
The deck looks amazing. I can't testify to how well it actually works, but the few games I saw it in action looked like a blast to play. Here it is in all glory:

A lot of alpha power here. Also Wild Growth.


  1. Ah, so awesome 8D Hats off to Mats, a great player and a collector of fine cards!


  2. Agreed, it's a very nice deck! I may be wrong here, but it looks like it could benefit from more copies of Dance of Many. Sweet wincon, extra enchantresses and an enchantment all in one.

  3. Thank you axelsson and hats off to you as a provider of good spirit around the venue tables.
    mg, my goldfishing has included three Dance of Many until the day before the noobcon when I got some upgrades and had to choose what to remove. The issue with Dance of Many is that it ties up your mana. In the game vs The Deck in the picture in the coverage, Dance of Many is the win card, since the CoP:Red has landed. Copy the Serra, burn opponent's Serra and start the beatdown.
    I know that Feldon's Cane might seem off, but it's actually a way to improve the recursion rate when you go off. Moat is in the deck mainly to fend off the Berserk-decks which might use the disenchants on other targets such as Sylvan Library or Wild Growth.
    Other improvements include Black Lotus (don't have one atm) and possibly a couple of City of Brass.
    Might delve down the Stasis route next time with BoP:s and Instill Energy. That way I can also play an old time favourite Titania's Song and Time Vault which with Instill Energy let's me play a game of solitaire.// ottifant

  4. Awesome deck Ottifant!
    Enchantress is one of the few really good card engines which hasn’t been truly broken yet. Love the way you go all the way with the combo and opt to play a really fast deck!

    Since you beat me to this deck I might just add a thought or two from my own secrets tech nights. A third way to go might be to make the deck a little more responsive. I tried out Energy Flux instead of Moxen. Also opted to abuse Enchantress with both Dance and Clone. Removals like Oubliette, Spirit Link and Disenchant is also interesting.

    Like your Feldon’s Cane by the way and will follow your progress with delight :)

  5. Coming from experience playing legacy enchantress (solitude), and wanting to port a version of that deck to 93/94, this has been a great post to read. Thanks for sharing, would love to hear new insights on this archetype!


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