Inquisitions and Leprechauns

This will be a short post, as I need to prepare for the national holiday in Norway tomorrow. I've celebrated national holidays in a few different countries; Independence Day in San Francisco, Bastille Day in Paris, Nationaldagen in the Swedish woods, and St Andrews Day in Edinburgh. Nothing beats the 17 of May in Oslo though. The entire city suits up.

I was actually trying to write a proper introduction about the decks here. Muse about the Arvika players, and maybe add something about the spirit of the format, which these guys embodies with passion. Guest are coming over for the weekend in less than an hour though, so I'll let the decklists do the talking. What I will say is that I'm very impressed, and certainly hope to see more of these guys!

Henrik Berntsson's Aisling Leprechaun deck. Synergy!

Markus Guldbrandsson's UBR Sweetstuff. My kind of deck :)

KungMarkus grins as he casts Inquisition. Who wouldn't?
I hope to get some pics from Eudemonia during the weekend. Good luck to all of you who'll play, and I hope you too will experience the joy of facing an Ifh-Biff Efreet enchanted with Green Ward :)


  1. Good stuff! 8D


  2. I find it both ironic and awesome that this format has a deck full of Green Ward and Spirit Link, while modernly Wizards of the Coast has gone to such great lengths to make people play Auras. It's well past time for them to admit they don't know what the hell they're doing.

  3. This most be the best post ever! ;) haha


  4. Glenn ska bara ha det! :D

  5. Only 2 Ifh-Biff? Come on now, it’s his deck not the Lep. He is a funny servant of the Biff. Just ask him. And probably won’t hurt adding 2 more Links )


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