In many settings throughout the years, this card has been an amusing curiosity:

Maybe because "volume of water displaced equals the volume of object submerged" has very little to do with mass-energy equivalence.
There were some cases of people trying to build tournament decks around it though. Most of them looked something like the one in this German Magic book:

Section "Type-I decks für fortgeschrittene", i.e. advanced tech.
Now, this deck is pretty easy to dismiss; it only plays 19 mana sources, 17 pretty random fatties (e.g. three different Elder Dragons and a pair of Craw Giants), and a single Concordant Crossroads. Our next list from last n00bcon is a little harder to dismiss though.

Sveby was one of the 93/94 format's first players, starting his tech back in 2007. One of his more memorable decks is the Shahrazad/Tormod's Crypt deck from n00bcon 2. That interaction stopped working after the exile zone was introduced to the game during the summer of 2009 (exiled cards in subgames weren't returned to the library in the main game before that), and he went on to build new odd decks.

Sveby's deck of choice this easter was a new take on Eureka, a deck that both turned heads and smashed faces. It's a real beauty, and I hope to see more of it!

And he did go top16 with the deck :) 
Also, if you're in California, don't forget to check out the Old School tournament at Eudemonia next weekend. Stephen Menendian mentioned a little about it at his podcast. If you're going, feel free to send over any pictures from the tournament or a short report, and I'd love to post it here.


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