MtgForLife Ukraine Conclusion, by Viktor Peterson

Again it is my pleasure to give the word to Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson. /Mg out

We reached the goal of €11,000!
Today we close this successful fundraiser where we jointly collected €11 006 to the Ukrainian victims of the current war! Thank you all so much for your support, its heartwarming to see the kindness shown in this old school community for people in need.  

Unfortunately, the war rages on so I urge you to follow the news and help where you can. I will try and run a small onsite charity auction at n00bcon for a few cards we did not get high enough bids on here on the Facebook auction, if you want to donate a card to this - bring it to n00bcon.

But as MG wrote on his previous post on the Old School Blog, we didn’t solve the conflict but at least we did something, and something is better than nothing! I also want to mention some extraordinary initiatives during this fundraiser, enjoy the reading and kindness shown below.

Dutch Old School Guild
First up we have the amazing initiative from the Dutch Old School Guild contributing €2800 from their own charity auction. You can read the whole story on a separate post earlier on this fundraiser or on the official Old School blog. Thank your Anne Joldersma with friends!

We have the Swedish Arvikafestivalen charity auction that brought in €2400 where one “Mystery box” went for €650. Thank you Björn Iversen for raising the bar and bringing this box home! Thanks, Johan Guldbrandsson, for donating the mystery box and to all you anonymous heroes donating cards like Beta Icy, Shivan Dragon, Copy Artifact, Balance, Fastbond and more. Thank you! 

Thanks Markus Kungen Guldbrandsson for helping with this on site and Mikael Mällroth for adding more valuable cards to the auction and helping me send out the cards to the winners. One other noteworthy thing about this auction is that we probably had the most expensive Unlimited Warp Artifact ever sold, a signed #MtgForLife from MG. Thank you Mitja Held for your epic winning bid of €135. And for all you ante players we have a new #MtgForLife trophy to collect if you challenge Christopher Mason for a duel next time you’re in the US.
For all of you out there who have always wanted a magical email, Mg set this one up. He owns several epic domains and for a short once in a lifetime offer, opened up for people to buy emails where everything went to charity. We have some 30 new really cool emails. I personally think I got the best one though, email me at if you want to play some Magic over a beer when you’re in Gothenburg next time.

Extraordinary contributions
We have several more contributors that needs to be recognized beside the ones above. I won’t list you all but I will mention a few.

For going above and beyond from the starting preparations, working tirelessly in the dark, we have Florian von Bredow who made a race for the top donation position, helped with the charity auction, spreading the word, and even involved his employer to donate to the fundraiser. As a personal thanks from me I will give you my very own unique homemade Island alteration.

We also have some amazing donations where Björn Iversen almost went 4 figures and won the Disenchant for the most generous donation. 

We had more truly generous donations from Rikard Steiber, Jason Schwartz, Jeff de Nijs, Magnus de Laval, Mattias Berggren, Wilhelm Sahlberg, Aaron West, Jonas Twitchen, and Danny Friedman. Thank you for showing your support!

Thank YOU
To conclude this fundraiser, I want to thank each and every one of you who have opened your heart and made a donation. It really is amazing to see the Old School community of the world aiding the people of Ukraine in dire need. 

I have saved a few #MtgForLife signed unlimited lands to hand out to extraordinary contributions and if you are one mentioned here or feel I have left you out, just send me a PM or email and I’ll try accommodating you.

Thanks for staying openminded, generous and ever helping of the people around you! I hope to see you in a Magic slinging duel sometime sooner or later!

/Viktor “oldschool” Peterson


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