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This is important. It is time to raise our sights from the card tables and acknowledge the great tragedy taking place in Europe. And maybe, even if just slightly, we could help someone. I give the word to Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson. /Mg out

Spring is getting closer by the day here in Sweden, and the darkness of the winter is once again beaten by the sun. Corona is not the same guardian beast as before and the live Magic scene is once again blooming in every corner of the community. 

But there is a new blood red humanitarian crisis rolling in over Ukraine because of Russia's invasion that cannot be ignored. You have probably all seen the horrible news with dead children, cities in ruins and hundreds of thousands of refugees on the move before the Russian tanks and bombs. 

My personal hope here in lies, that you might wonder – "How may I help in all this?"

Let’s work with our joint passion for Old School Magic the Gathering to make a stand!

I remembered the great initiative from 2015 when Magnus “MG” De Laval created the #Mtg4Life campaign on Indiegogo and together with a lot of you Magic nerds out there collected over $12 000 to Doctors Without Borders. 

It’s time to again wake the #Mtg4Life community to help the people of Ukraine with food, shelter and vital medical support. Together we can make a difference saving real lives and show our support through the platform of the game we all love.

The ask is once again very simple. 

  1. Sell one of the cards you’re not using now, or
  2. Downgrade a black border one to a white one, or 
  3. Just donate whatever sum you like

If you would like a token of gratitude for your kind donation over €150 to your deck, I will at my own expense personally send you a #MtgForLife Ukraine signed card from my own collection of strange old combo cards and Lands. Just send me a message over Facebook or find me at n00bcon13 and we will sort something out.

As a bonus, we have two specially altered cards, a Beta Disenchant and an Island. One will go to the top donator and the other to one of you that helps in spreading the campaign.

Disenchant art by Felipe Garcia
Island art by yours truly, Oldschool

If you like to howl your contribution beyond your donation, please share it to your fellow gamers and take a compassionate stand for Ukraine and the citizens of the world.

Here is the link to the fundraiser: 

Thanks again for your kind support, and I hope to see you soon in a Magic duel near you.

/Viktor “Oldschool” Peterson


  1. We are witnessing war in Europe. I have never imagined this could happen.

    It is very important to help Ukraine in their defense and save lifes of innocent people. I have myself contributed a fair amount of money for this purpose via another way.

  2. Stop war! Freedom for Ukraine!

  3. Hi
    Is it okay to copy/paste this post onto my blog:
    Thanks for the great initiative

    1. Sure thing Emil, just spread the word :)

    2. Thanks for spreading the word Emil!

  4. 100% of your donate to ukraine will be directed to the organizations below. · UNHCR. Those forced to flee Ukraine need protection, stability and hope. · UNICEF. The ...


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