Stream of #MtgForLife

"With 10,000 dollars, we'd be millionaries! We could buy all kinds of useful things... like love!"
-Homer Simpson

It was a success. $12,692 has been contributed by over a hundred players of the mtgunderground. We've managed to do this without any support from the larger stores like SCG or CardKingdom. We've spread the word on informal channels, zero fucks given about the discomfort in asking fellow players to look at situations worse than thier own. This is not a political thing, it is a simple humanitarian thing. It's about acknowledging people who have been dealt a crappy hand in life and helping those who help in what way we can. It's about giving up a small part of our own luxury to help other people's lifes move from 'abysmal' to 'pretty harsh'.
#MtgForLife doesn't end just because the campaign is over. Today I recieved a mail from a guy in Norway who just had sold cards for $90 and asked where he should donate them now that the Indiegogo campaign is done (this could be a good start). Another guy just sent me a message on Twitter asking the same. Yet another guy posted a comment here the other day saying that he runs a charity auction that will end in a month. We can still keep the spirit of this alive. In the last post, Felipe wrote about how Magic had helped him find friends and easier get in to the Swedish society when he moved here a couple of years back. Maybe we could build a few cheap decks from our bulk, give them to a local refugee camp, and teach a few Syrians how to play Magic? Regardless of where we go from here, we should be proud right now. There are some seriously good people in this community.
And not that many Trolls.
It will take a week or two before I can transfer the money to MSF. Indiegogo estimated 10-15 days after the campaign is over before the accounts have been verified and the money has been transferred from the campaign. I'll also need some time before I can send out all the perks. People from all over the world have contributed, and I need to get deep into the world of stamps. There are also a couple of cards (including the Mox) that I'd like to alter before sending them out, and I haven't had the chance to fix that yet. So please be patient. And who gets the Mox? Well, I took all the people who had contributed $100 and added them to a spread sheet. Then I took the people who had contributed more than that, and added them again for each extra $100-150. I figured that would be the most fair, as those who contributed e.g. one $500 donation could have picked more potential "tickets" with five $100 contributions. That gave me about 80 names. So I opened an R-interpreter, typed sample(1,80:1) and got a random name from that list. I guess that I could just have sat down and picked someone myself of the list, but I think that randomness is the most fair way to go here. If the guy who gets it already has a red Mox, I guess that person could just sell it and use the money for something sweet.

What else? This weekend I'll be travelling to Sweden and Gothenburg to play at the first Gothenburg Invitational 93/94 tournament. The organizers will show the tournament on twitch, so if you want to see players like Kalle Nord, Olle Råde and Freespace misplay with the oldest of cards you could watch it live. You can check out the facebook page if you're interested.

I'm not sure what to play yet. Both Troll Disco and Deadguy Ale looks really sweet, but I don't have enough of the cards. Armageddon looks really strong right now, so I've been thinking a lot about different takes on WW. I've also thought about upgrading Project M to some sort of Power M for the tournament, playing the full Nine and Power Artifact combo, but Guardian Beast making you unable to enchant your artifacts is actually a real hassle. Serendib Djinn / Land Equilibrium combo? Some pile with 4-of Tetravus? More than two days left, so I guess I have time to figure something out.

If you want to play some real Magic yourself, Erik "Sehl" Larsson will host the second edition of Sehlskapsspelen in Åsa, Sweden, December 18th. Looks like a sweet gathering with rad mages.

I'm very proud of what we achieved with #MtgForLife. This is a great community. Keep the mindset alive.


  1. I almost missed all of this due to being abroad but such an awesome initiative Mg - hats off to you and to everyone who contributed.

  2. Grat job from everyone and hats of for you for all the work you put into it!

  3. Congratulations to accomplishing this with such a cool idea - but please be more gentle to the trolls next time!


    1. Haha, damn, I didn't even think about the linguistic implications of the picture when I posted it. Just looked like a cool pic from a game night in Oslo two weeks ago with Distress vs Troll Disco, and a rare example of when the "can't regenerate" part of removals have an actual impact. Winged the image text with a double entendre, but in retrospect it sure looks like crude humor. Unintentional, if that is an excuse.


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