Day 26: Pictures from BSK

Do we really care about the starting numbers? Sure, it's impressive that a casual old school tournament in Borås without any real price support gathers more players than the main Vintage event of the MKM series tournament in Prague. And it's sweet to see that the old players keep coming back, and that new players are attracted to the format every year, showing up to play with what they have. But what I really like is this:
That's during round six of the BSK tournament. Of the 55 players in the tournament, pretty much none has dropped. People are playing at the 0-5 table. Players play because they like the game and enjoy company of the other players. There are no draws here, and players gonna play.

This year, the 93/94 tournament at BSK took place at the main Magic room at the convention. It was the first time we did this. Moving from the hotel bar in 2010 to hotel rooms in 2011, then to hotel suits in 2012 and 2013, to a secluded part of the convention building in 2014, and now into the main area. It could have felt a little weird, but the guys organizing the Magic part of BSK helped us a lot with the set up and made us feel very welcome. No trashtalk about being exclusive or too casual. In Borås, the #mtgunderground is well respected. Here, the grinders, the EDH crew, the FNM casuals and the 93/94 players embrace their differences in a greater community. It's a good place to play Magic.

I'll get to sweet tech and top8 profiles later in the week, but for now, lets enjoy some pictures from the event.
The deck mirror. One of the more intricate ways to play Magic, as long as no one starts with Library of Alexandria
Erik Sunberg vs Halo00. For once, Erik decided to not break the format.
It later became a Serra Angel for the win.
Late game at the top tables. Olle Råde versus n00bcon7 top8 player Emil Klintbäck. Some real old school mages.
WW Mirror. Would you sideboard out Crusade?
Felipe Garcia going for the combo. He took ten turns in a row before killing me with Mirror + Fireball. Very cool deck that we'll look deeper into soon.
William vs Emil. William owns the Mindstage store, Gothenburgs prime LGS, and this was the first time he had sleeved up for 93/94. Good guy!
Long time 93/94 supporter Olof Svanberg's Killer Bees vs n00bcon finalist Icelander's The Deck.
Su-Chi beatdown and lands over spells.
Family feud.
Green vs White. Radjan Spirit is wicked tech.
Shivan and Serra? Scoop.
Enchantresses gonna enchant.
Dervish vs Monoblack somewhere in the middle.
JohanGuld from Arvika, 2013 BSK winner Brorsan from Varberg, and Mikael from Oslo.
Similar turn one as my opponent Elof. I prefer mine though ;)
The third and the first price. Second place gets nothing. "It should hurt to lose in the finals."
Top 8 showdown. Note the sign saying "Demo Magic" that was already at the table when we sat down. Good way to demo the game I guess :)
Both Sol'Kanar and Tetravus shows up for the quarterfinal win.
Hall of Famer Olle "Fusk-Olle" Råde claims the Shark, a small trophy and a bottle of Vodka after an impressive performance. Congrats and very well played!
The winning deck.
And #MtgForLife? We've just passed $9,000 after support from the Swedish Legacy nationals and players at BSK. Over 9,000 god damn dollars! Be proud! It's two weeks left, lets see how far where we can take this sucker.


  1. Svar
    1. It was, hope to see you at an event in Sweden eventually!

      I just got a letter from you via Arvid Grahn btw, thanks a lot man :D

  2. Good read and fun tournament even thou my results where crap :) // Jhoval


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