n00bcon preparations

By this time tomorrow, we'll be deep into the world championships in 93/94 Magic. It is my favourite casual Magic event of the year, with so many great players gathering to battle, drink beer, and show off amazing decks.

Yesterday, I met up with Constantine Prishvitsin, a Russian 93/94 player who had just arrived to Gothenburg for the tournament. Putting the jetlag aside, we went to my place for some playtesting with Felipe Garcia and Freespace. After seeing the great Fellwar Stone Danny Freidman had made, Constantine had brought a very sweet gift for my deck as well:
Russian pimped Fellwar Stone!
Constantine grinning like a Juzam after casting a first turn ditto.
Russia vs. Spain.
Playtesting against Felipe. Sweet turn one from Project M, but I still didn't get to play more than three turns before Felipe transmuted into Time Vault and started recurrig Twiddles.
A few players had suggested that we should give a card to each player as a small memorabilia of the event. Doodling away :)
The cards will be given out randomly after the swiss. Four of the cards will also give you a sweet Easter egg with some extra value.
Glorious Trophies.
Convention pins.
Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson printed name tags/ deckbox tags for all the participants :)
Really looking forward to see you all tomorrow!


  1. That photo of Felipe is the best ever :D

  2. Kan man få tag i fler såna där deck box stickers? /elof

  3. Constantine's Fellwar Stone is amazing! I was talking with a few of the 'duelists' in NYC at the Conference of Professionals and we are going to try to get a group from the US to n00bcon next year. Also, that Dragon Whelp design is AWESOME.


    1. Wow, that would be awesome! Congrats on the conference of Professionals btw, can't wait for the video tech :)


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