Pictures from n00bcon 7

The dust has settled from the world championships in 93/94. A record 57 players came to battle for glory, good times and a Giant Shark. 

Stories will be told and decks will be shown, but for now lets just look at a few pictures from the event.
Stalin, the 2014 World Champion, came to defend his title and drink light beer.
Elof, the Varberg Juggernaut, has won pretty much all the different big tournaments in the format and holds three Giant Sharks already. Here he is musing with Erik Sundberg who, yet again, has broken the format (and the dress code).
The glorious Shark. Alpha-cut by Danny Friedman :)
The pub has a somewhat hidden door to a gymnasium right next to it. As we couldn't fit all the players in the pub, we used the gymnasium as the seating area.
Mikael Lindén finds himself confortable in the feature match area.
Round one has started!
Mahamothi and rad Fellwar Stones vs. Serra.
Jokemon found an Easter Egg with a Legends booster. Being a real player, he of course cracked it immediately.
Solid tech.
Elof, Schram and Oldschool. Sharks of the format.
Our glorious scorekeeper Tgd checking up on the last players in round 3. In the far back, Constantine from Russia stands and looks at remaing field.
Simon Gauti Rokkjær from Denmark and Freespace.
Guardian Beast shenanigans.
Tibia beating down on Vigo.
Monogreen vs a pair of Priests of Yawgmoth.
Sehl and JummJumm. Preparing for another victory.
Burgers, beer, broken tables and power.
Jocke Almelund dreamcrushing his way into his fifth n00bcon top8.
LennartGuld and Axelsson facing off in HUVUDTURNERINGEN.
The Lestree pose.
A solid keep from Arkanon.
Another Easter Egg found, this one with a playset of Felipega-altered Enchantresses.
More Magic.
The epic final between Erling "Icelander" Hansson and Kalle "egget" Nord.
I hope that we'll get a report from the new World Champion soon, and I'll be showing off some sweet deck lists along with my posts in the coming weeks (please send more sweet decklists btw). Thank you all for an awesome tournament. I had a great time!


  1. Moar pix:

  2. Want to see top8 lists!

  3. 57 players is amazing. Congrats to a seemingly great tournament. Looking forward to see the Top decks.


  4. This is an incredible turnout and looks like a fun, well-run tournament! Glad you found a use for the Giant Shark ;)


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