Old school of thought

For this week, I tried my wings a little and wrote a short article for Eternal Central rather than writing a post here. You can read the article here.

I'll admit to a few rad pics though. Statistics tells me that the most popular posts are those with casual tech, tournament pics, or how to spot fakes. So, here goes:
Erik Sundberg appears to be teching with of the Uncle Istvan / Giant Shark deck. Yet again, he'll break the format.
Next level monogreen. Actually not a bad deck.
Kalle goes into the tank at Frippan Open. Need to loosen up the nerves for that Orb flip.
Lotus passes the rip test.
Go check out the article at EternalCentral, and feel free to give feedback. Next weekend I'll be in Arvika, battling it out with the local players and some other road warriors. I'll see some of you there!


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