n00bcon 7: World Championships

So, what's new?

The Italian scene is growing quickly, and the fourth tournament in Ravenna took place last weekend. This time the winner was none other than Italian 93/94 pioneer Jacopo Borelli. Go check out his sweet tournament report at the Magic Time homepage :)

This Friday I got to do some playtesting in Oslo. I've been working a little more on monogreen since last, and it's starting to look like a deck. I considered playing it in the MindStage tournament, but instead opted to go for TaxEdge last weekend. I think that this decision was mostly due to my playtesting with TaxEdge against Felipe's Stasis deck before the tournament. I know it sounds horrible, but the Stasis/Tax Edge matchup is actually really interesting and fun to play. I didn't get to play that matchup in the tournament though, and instead went for the 1-3 against a bunch of Underworld Dreams. I think I'll have to represent with Project M in the Arvika tournament in two weeks, but I hope to test monogreen in a tournament the week after that, at the StabCon convention in Gothenburg. There really are a lot of opportunities to play mid-sized 93/94 tournaments in Sweden these days. This is all preparation though.
In less than two months, the big one is coming. Get your deck, get to Gothenburg, and gaze at Aisling Leprechauns with Green Wards, or plays like turn one Workshop, Mox, Icy Manipulator.
Or turn six, five Icy Manipulators.
What: n00bcon, aka the World Championships in 93/94. The first 93/94 tournament ever was hosted at Gothcon in 2008, the years after that we've rented an adjacent pub to hold the tournament in. This is the 7th annual n00bcon. It's the place to show that you have what it used to take to be a master at Magic, but mostly to drink craft beer, look at amazing decks, and enjoy the fun side of magic tournaments.

When: Friday the 3rd of April, starting 14:00. Rounds in the swiss are 60 minutes, the top8 is un-timed, but expected to be played at a reasonable pace. Note that this is during the Gothcon weekend. There will be a lot of interesting tournaments in Gothenburg the days before and after n00bcon, including Vintage tournaments during Thursday, Saturday (nationals) and Sunday, a PPTQ and a GPT to name a few. You can check out the full schedule for Gothcon here.

Where: Rotary Pub in Gothenburg. About 8 minutes walk from the Gothcon site.

Who: Anyone who has a deck are welcome to come and play. Players who just want to come and watch and have a beer are unfortunately not allowed, due to a combination of alcohol serving laws and security. At the time of writing this, with almost two months left until the tournament, about 30 people have signed up. This is probably the most international n00bcon yet, as we have a 93/94 player from Russia joining us for the first time :)

Registration: The registration fee is 150 sek (about €15) to cover expenses for hiring the pub, prices, and such. If you're a member at svenskamagic.com, post in the n00bcon 7 thread in the Old School forum table. Otherwise, send me a mail or comment here, and we'll put you on the list.

Prices: The winner gets a Giant Shark. Top8 gets some sort of trophies. Everyone will get a slightly altered (format legal) card as a memorabilia, and I've created three pretty sweet Easter eggs as additional prices. Note that all prices except the trophies and the Shark will be given out at random, regardless of standings after the swiss. I guess we'll give a Blaze of Glory to the ninth place player though ;) Of course everyone gets a rad convention pin.
You can check out some pictures from n00bcon 6 here, or pics from n00bcon 5 here. Hope to see you this Easter!


  1. Spanish speakers more than welcome !

    Si te gusta el formato "viejuno", n00bcon7 es el torneo del año y no debes perdértelo.

    Si no lo conoces aún, esta es la oportunidad perfecta para acercarte a la auténtica esencia de Magic TG!

    Se you in Gothembourg!


  2. Hey! Jag borde fått en Blazing Glory för förra n00bcon. =D

  3. @Stalin: du får nöja dig med hajen, din icke-noob. Satsa på nionde plats och sedan vinna Huvudturneringen nu eller?

  4. får nog bli så. Mitt mål här i livet är att vinna "hövveturneringen!"

  5. Du MÅSTE spela Project M i Arvika Mg! Ser verkligen fram emot att få möta Project M med min Toolbox Murders! ;)

    "Hövveturneringen!" hade ju jag tänkte vinna i år igen. ;)



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