Winter deck

Heiner, you fox:
Yep, a Mana Vortex deck. I don't know how it placed in the Eudemonia tournament, but I'll assume that it won. At least some bragging rights, if nothing else. If someone who played the tournament at Eudo Games would like to write something about the tournament or the local playgroup (or share some pictures), it would be much appreciated :)

So, unrestricting Black Vise to make this deck viable in the Nordic meta? It's a hard nut to crack. The finals of last n00bcon was between two UR draw7 burn decks, and 3/4 decks in the BSK top4 were UR draw7 burn decks. It might be a bad idea to give our current tier1 deck access to the full playset Vises. A man can dream though. As per usual, we have our yearly update of the B/R list during the weeks after n00bcon in April. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share.

But I digress. I've recently updated the decks-to-beat with most of the decks from the Frippan Open top8, as well as the top4 decks from the more recent Sehlskapsspelen (the name of the tournament is a pun on Sehl's name in Swedish. The title of this post could also be interpreted as a Swedish pun btw. If you don't speak Swedish, don't worry; it's really not that funny).

Munchhausen took down Sehlskapsspelen with his new take on Lestree Zoo. He actually went 7-0 in matches in the tournament, against a very strong field. Turns out Lestree Zoo is a real deck if you can tweak it and know how to play it. Some of my other favorite decks from the elimination rounds of the tournaments are Elof's Troll Disko deck (which placed second in both tournaments) and Kalle's The Burn Deck, which is what The Deck would look like if it was a burn deck rather than a control deck. Mikael Lindén's UW control is also worth a second look, very impressive pile.

So, this was a short post. If you have the urge for some more old school tech, fear not. Christian Zoli recently wrote a great tournament report from the second tournament in Ravenna. Check it out, it's Stasis tech at its finest :)


  1. Beautiful pile of cards 8D


  2. Interesting deck, really. And thanks for the reference to my article :)

  3. Big fan of the format and I'm very happy to see it slowly (but surely) spreading. :)
    I'm slowly building a 93-94 mono black, but it's just for the sentimental value because no one in Portugal plays it (although everyone loves sweet Beta cards!).
    Maybe one day it spreads more into this side of Europe and I get the chance to actually play with it. I'm surely making a lot of publicity over here! :p
    Also, I hope that I can go to Sweden one of this days and get the chance to play with some of you guys. :)

    Mg, keep up the good work in spreading the message.
    Big thanks to all oldschool Nordic players for keeping it alive and blooming.

    Flávio, from Portugal

  4. I went 2:3:0 at Eudemonia with Vortex Stax. I lost due to lacking a good sideboard, experience with the deck, as well as due to bad matchups. This deck works best in a meta of Weissman control. Hope somebody else will try it out! Go get some Copy Artifacts!

    I think Black Vise is safe to unrestrict. Against many decks its a dead draw later than turn 2, I tested it in UR Control and I wouldn't even play four.


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