Pics from Gothenburg and Ravenna

During the last weeks there have been two impressive tournaments in Italy and Sweden. Jacopo Borrelli hosted a 13-player tournament in Ravenna, Italy, which was the second largest tournament thus far outside of Scandinavia. The Italian community is growing quickly, and Jacopo's work with it can't be understated. A few days before that, Johan "Freespace" Andersson hosted a 26-player tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. Freespace had rented a location where beer was aplenty, and had even invited a local game store too the event to sell old school cards and refreshments.

Jacopo has posted a tournament report with some more decklists and pics at his Magic Time webpage, and I hope to get a tournament report from the winner of Frippan Open (*nudge*), so I won't spoil to much about the tournaments right now. Until then, enjoy some pictures from the events.

Project M going monoblack style against Hannes Löfgren.
Elof goes binder browsing.
Kudzu is making an appearance in Ravenna. Amazing playmat btw.
Control vs aggro, old school style.
Abyss and Moat have nothing on Tetravus in Ravenna.
Frippan Open, finals. Elof's Sedge Troll and Factories are stopped cold by Åland's Moat.
Monored spinning the Wheel.
Old school players in Ravenna
Old school players in Gothenburg
If you draw a land, would you play Juzam or Greed turn 2? One looks better, but the other looks cooler.
The proud top8 from Frippan Open. From the left: Mg, Kalle, Jenny, Brorsan, Myfz, Lindén, Åland and Elof.
Mishra's Factory attacks for 18.
Olle Råde going for the beats with Force of Nature.
The glorious prize at Frippan Open.
Adrea Morrone takes down the first Italian old school tournament! Congrats!
Kalle doing his best Bertrand Lestree pose. Lacking the black shades, a Beta and an Alpha Lotus will have to do to shield his gaze.
This weekend, the 11th of January, there will be a second Old School Tournament at Eudemonia in Berkeley. The last one was won by legendary Vintage player Stephen Menedian. If I had the possibility to go there to hear some stories and play with some of the pioneers of the game, I most definitely would. You'll even get to play with your Revised duals and Thrull Champions in the tournament, so it's a good opportunity if you want to try out some old school Magic.

I aim to post a "2014 retrospective" in the coming week, even though it'll be a little later than usual. It has been an interesting year. I'll also update the decks-to-beat section with the decks from Ravenna shortly, and the decks from Frippan Open as soon as I get them.

And lastly, a great thanks to the people who have been giving me support and helped me get out of bed the last weeks. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but you have really helped me. Life is what it is right now, but it will change and your support have gone a long way.


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  5. third oldschool tournament in Ravenna ITALY


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