BSK 2014

And when this land is barren, where will we go?

You can already feel it in the air, and see it in the faces of friends. The dark months are approaching, and the Nordic countries are becoming a much different place than just a few weeks ago. In six weeks, the trees will be barren and sunshine will be a rarely seen luxury. In six weeks, we will have All Hallows Eve, and the old school players will gather for BSK.

The BSK tournament is traditionally one of the two largest 93/94 tournament each year, occurring around six months after n00bcon. It is named after the convention, Borås Spelkonvent, taking place in the same city at the same time, but is not actually related to the convention in any way. It does however make for some strategic travel arrangements, as BSK holds e.g. the Swedish national Vintage championship that same weekend.

For the last four times we've had tournament at the time of BSK, we've used hotel suits to play in (well, actually the hotel bar in 2010). This has worked reasonably well, but it gets pretty hard once you reach 20-25 players. Conference rooms in the hotels doesn't really work that great either, as you usually only can rent them until midnight and you're not allowed to drink beer. At the time of writing this, we already have 30 people signed up to fight for the Giant Shark, so we needed to find a different solution. This time, we're renting a club house of a local sports team, and will have all the time and space we need. It will be sweet, and I'm expecting a lot of nice tech.

Maybe we'll even see the classic "Moss Monster - Rukh Egg"-stand off
The tournament itself is of course ripe with glory. The winner will get the awe-inspiring Giant Shark and a big trophy, and different casual prices will be awarded to other players. If you are considering trying out the format, this is a great opportunity. It looks like six swiss rounds plus a top8 for the main 93/94 tournament, and plenty of chances to play other eternal formats at the main convention during the weekend if inclined (it's walking distance from the 93/94 site).

Excellent time to finally break the O'Brien Prison deck :)
The tournament starts 17:00, Friday the 31st of October. Location is Borås, about 60 km south of Gothenburg, Sweden. The tournament fee is 150 SEK (about $21), mostly to cover the expenses of the club house and trophies. If you want to join, feel free to comment here or send me an e-mail, and I'll give you more details about the location. Hope to see you there!


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