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Last weekend the Wexio Gaming Convention was held in Växjö, Småland. Around the board games, steam punks and NES consoles there was old school Magic going on. I'm aiming to write a longer report about the weekend, but for now we'll have a look at some pics from the tournament.

Freespace playtesting the Chaos Orb in our hotel room before the tournament.
After we felt comfortable with the flipping, we went down to the local Bishop's Arms pub to relax. With 4 Juzams and skill with the Orb, Freespace's shape is looking good.
We did however have some additional tech against the Juzams, with the powerhouse that is Riven Turnbull. If you haven't looked at this card's design and flavortext, I can simply tell you it's hilarious. It's also a 5/7!
The hotel trading floor. Kenneth marvels at Mats' plastic bag of trading cards. An awesome old school way of storing cards if I ever saw one.
To be fair, some of the cards in the trading bag did have sleeves. Not the alpha Stasises or duals, but some did ;)
Elof is playing 4-Vault Mud and started our first game with turn 1 Library. I luck out with Demonic for Strip Mine, and after some Recall shenanigans I have double Chaos Orb and Guardian Beast in play. Elof casts Copy Artifact on the Orb to kill my beast, but misses his flip. Clearly an important card to playtest ;)
Game 2, Elof has turn 1 Su-Chi, which I respond to with turn 1 Sol'Kanar. Elof goes turn two Unsummon and Juggernaut though, and it's a quick affair.
Fat Mothi blocking the way for Sengir. The monoblue deck looks really cool with multiple Mahamotis (and Spell Blast!). Unfortunately I didn't get much time to see it in action.
Åland vs Arkanon. Åland is playing a modern version of Weissman control, where Arkanon took inspiration from Zak Dolan's Stasis control from from worlds 1994.
Ottifant vs Sehl; Juzams vs enchantments. Beautiful decks :)
Mishras vs Apes and Disk vs Enchantments
Juzams and Sengirs facing Hypnotics, Erg Raiders and Black Knights.
There has been no disruption or removal here, this is simply turn two for Enchantress. This was a very funny match btw, with no less than nine Timetwisters resolved during the three games.
Top4 players: Arkanon facing Matte, and Jokemon vs Åland.
Joakim "Jokemon" Jansson facing Niclas "Arkanon" Johansson in the finals. A very interesting game to watch with lots of exciting plays. Throughtout the day, it looked like Jokemon's two maindecked Ice Storms did a huge amount of work.
Arkanon finishes second and gets a futuristic calendar from the year 1998, and three copies of Flood (Växjö is the second most rain-heavy city in Sweden).
Jokemon, a great guy and skillful player, takes home the trophy. Jokemon is one of the driving forces behind the WSK convention, so we both congratulate him to his victory and thank him for a great weekend :)
Jokemon's winning deck. Manabarbs in sideboard and maindeck Ice Storms for vaule :) I'll post the other top4 decks in the deck's to beat section here soon.
This coming weekend it's time to battle again, this time at Warcon in Varberg. I unfortunately can't make it to this tournament myself, but I hope that those of you that join will have a great time and that you take a lot of pictures to show the rest of us!


  1. Very nice, it looks like you had a blast! To bad I couldn't join you, but hopefully I'll see some of you on Warcon this weekend instead. And congratulations to Jokemon, the deck look like a lot of fun to play!


  2. Awesome Pictures! i like the look on Freespace face on the first Picture haha Gratz to Jokemon! // Jhovalking

  3. Good storage is hard to come by. With a transparent plastic bag you can actually browse through your cards easily. Thinking outside the box.


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