Warcon pics and WSK top4

The top performing decks from WSK are finally up in the Decks-to-beat section. The top4 consisted of a The Deck, a Zack Dolan Control, an UGR Burn and a "4-color black" beatdown. I haven't seen all the lists from Warcon yet, but I can tell you that the finals was between a monoblack deck (played by Erik "Sehl" Larsson) and a monoblue (played by Elof). Amnesia has really shown itself as a powerful card the last few months, in particular with plays like turn 1 Mana Vault, turn 2 holding up two islands for Counterspell, and turn 3 Amnesia. I'm hoping for a tournament report from Elof, but for now we can take a look at a few pics from the tournament (thanks to Kalle, Elof and Freespace for the pics).
The Fellwar Orb, first price in the tournament.
Glenn, aka Gnell, from Varberg is playing monoblue against Axelsson, an awesome player from the South.
BSK 2013 winner Henke playing creatureless Tax Edge vs Gnell's monoblue Stasis. A crawling slow match; game one took 50 minutes before Henke scooped in disgust ;)
Amnesia hits for 6. Lots of Amnesia-tech during this tournament, maybe influenced by Elof's n00bcon top8 deck and by the fact that they are easier to cast without power now (with Mana Vault legal).
Turn 1 Library is responded to by turn 1 Library.
Jenny's RG beats playing Elof's monoblue artifacts for the top4. That's a distracting playmat btw.
Orb vs Juzam, a fair sight for old school players. Freespace also uses the secret tech of a distracting plamat.
Blood Moon vs monoblue artifacts. At least it takes care of the library ;)
Munchhausen vs Brorsan.
Stasis facing an opposing Feldon's Cane :)

I'll be posting decklists from Warcon as soon as I get them.


  1. It was my (Gnell - Monoblue Stasis) match with Henkes creatureless Tax Edge that took 50 minutes, then Henke scooped "in disgust". I was told that he wanted to "play Magic, not play against Stasis" ;)

    1. Haha, Stasis vs Tax Edge sounds like a pretty harsh matchup :) Thanks for the info, I've updated the text.

  2. Haha the games vs Glenn and his Stasis took some time. First match, I started and played a first turn Black Vise that did the job. Second match, Glenn managed with total lock down and finished me off with a 13 points Braingeyser. Third match was kind of even but Glenn got the lock working once again, but could't finish me off before the timer rang.

    All together a really fun tournament, good people and some good magic 8D


  3. nice job guys, I appreciate someone who loves vintage cards :-)


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