The Dragon v3

Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson has created quite a few odd decks in his years of playing 93/94. He won n00bcon 3 with a deck that used All Hallow's Eve to reanimate Colossus of Sardia, and he came second last BSK with a strange combo deck using Dark Heart of the Woods and 4-off Winds of Change. Other notable decks include a deck that relied on Field of Dreams, a Lich deck and the Drop of Honey / Living Plane deck. His deck for last n00bcon is one of his sweetest yet though.

Viktor first played The Dragon at Pimpvitational 12/13, and wrote a report about it for this blog. He used a slightly modified version during Kingvitational 1, which he played 4-0 in the swiss; eventually losing to n00bcon 6 top8 player (and more recently Bazaar of Moxen Vintage top8 player) Mikael "Åland" Johansson. After some additional tweaks, Viktor created a third version for n00bcon 6.

It's a fairly intricate deck, with Hurkyl's Recall as one of the most important cards playing multiple roles in the deck. It's capable of huge X-spells and Dragon attacks, and can without to much problem deal 20 damage on a single turn. Also, if you think Library of Alexandria is broken as it is, it gets even more crazy when you have 4 Candelabra.

The Disk works well with Hurkyl's. Also note that half the deck is signed :)


  1. varför inte använder du transmute artifact? you can place one instead of the fourth candelabra to earn flexibility.
    Jag älskar denna deck och ska försöka den i nästa 93/94 turnering i Göteborg om min familj tillåter mig lite tid



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