A champion's Deck

When Kalle and I first started playing some durdly games with Alpha Sea Serpents in 2007, none of us expected to compete in 40+ player tournaments in 93/94 in the future. I took a lot of passionate people and a few years, but here we are.

Kalle and his most recent deck performed really well at n00bcon 6. How well you ask? He had a family engagement during the evening, and only had time to play five rounds. In round 6, he sat down and then quickly scooped. With that intentional scoop, he still finished 6th in the standings. As he didn't have time to play the elimination rounds, the 9th player in the standings took his place in the top8.

The nice things with Kalle's deck isn't just synergies, or the fact that it made a virtual top8, or that it plays black bordered versions of most of the expensive cards in the format. What I like most about it is all his signed cards from different tournaments. In the sideboard, Kalle holds the first Giant Shark ever rewarded in a 93/94 tournament (from Rotary Champs 2010). A Giant Shark, signed by all the competing players, is the first price of the n00bcon and BSK tournaments. If you win one, you are pretty much required to play it in your deck from that point to show it off :)

Other (usually smaller) tournaments have other cards as prices. Kalle won his Strip Mine during Gråberget Champs 2012. He won one of the Fellwar Stones at Pimpvitational 12/13. The Chaos Orb was the first price at the n00bcon 4 Warmup tournament at Vasa Gaming 2012. I do believe that Orb is the only card that have been a first price in a 93/94 tournament that haven't been signed by all the participants. It was originally an ordinary unlimited Chaos Orb, but Kalle altered it himself (a wb card in this deck would really stick out). Kalle also won a Moss Monster at WG Eternal Weekend and a Deep Water at Borås Day2, but I guess that those two didn't really fit in his deck's game plan ;)

A great deck from a great guy, here it is:

Sideboard Serras ftw.


  1. Impressive! Looks like a nightmare to face though 8P


  2. I feel honoured!


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