T minus 3

I've been practising my Chaos Orb flips the last days, and I'm reaching a decent level. Two more players have signed up today, Jenny and Sveby. Jenny is a new 93/94 player, and Sveby was one of the format's first players from 2007.

I, Honka, Freespace, Jenny and Åland gathered at my place tonight for some tech. I wasn't really in the mood to playtest that much with Project M, as I hadn't played "seriously" since Kingvitational, I was fairly tired, and the deck has decision trees that goes on for days. I did play a couple of rounds though, and I think the deck seems pretty good.

Pictured: Teching
Honka's deck is awesome and incredibly annoying to face. The round I saw him playing, he was gaining about 20 life each turn, and eventually comboed out and dealt 22 damage to his opponent on the spot. Jenny's deck is a Berserk deck that can win out of nowhere. Freespace's 5-color Machine Head has been updated since his top8 at BSK, and looks very well positioned. Åland has been teching together with Jocke Almelund, and together they seem to have optimized The Deck even further. All the decks looks very different, and mirrors the players' style well. I know that all of us will have a good time playing even if we don't reach top8.

That's a cut-out Giant Shark on the big trophy, and a Deep Water on the 2nd place one.
I will fix something for the 3-4th players as well, and fix some other random prices. Again, if you're coming, any random prices you want to hand out yourself to random players are encouraged :)

Frames and Deep Waters. This has to be the start of something.
I still haven't got any information on possible videos from n00bcon. I hope we'll be able to solve something. Tomorrow will be the first day of Gothcon, and it's possible that someone there has some ideas. Gothcon is awesome, and really marks that the spring finally has come to Sweden.


  1. Lederhaups + Beerserk ftw! Can't wait for saturday!


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