Black is the new black

Spent my weekend in the Austrian Alps. I've never been there before, even though it's less than two hours drive away from Munich where I worked for six months last year. Helles and skiing is as good a combination as ever though.

We're now 38 persons signed up for n00bcon in two weeks! It will be awesome. At least three nations are competing now (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), so we've actually got multiple countries represented for the world championship this time ;) The player base has grown during the last year, and there's something like 15 players participating in their first 93/94 tournament this Easter.

One of the newer players I'm looking forward to meet again is Axelsson, who first started playing oldschool at BSK last year. During BSK, he went top4 with a powerless Berserk deck, beating Elof in the quarterfinals. He also placed in the Vintage tournament at BSK, with a pretty random pile of black cards from the 94-98 era. I myself had a pretty good run in that tournament, but lost severly to Axelsson in the first round. Axelsson played cards like Black Knight, Drain Life, Contagion and Stench of Evil, and my Thalias and Leonins never had a chance. Axelsson always plays with a smile, and looks as happy weather he wins or loses. I remember in a round of that Vintage tournament, when his opponent asked him before they started playing if Axelsson was a power gamer. Axelsson replied that he didn't know what a power gamer was, but that he didn't own any power cards. That is a good sportsman :)

For the Kingvitational tournament, Axelsson opted to play a monoblack deck that looks quite a bit different from what we've seen before. He doesn't play Juzams, nor any other of the other larger creatures maindeck. Instead he uses Meekstone to shut down opposing fatties, and have Knights, Hypnotics, Beasts and Mishras for the beatdown. The deck is pretty "controlly" as well, with the full set of Sinkholes and multiple scepters. The deck looks very nice, completely black bordered and with four-off Guardian Beast.

And yeah, if someone missed it, the post about Homelands was an April Fools joke. We're not about to legalize Homelands ;)


  1. Mg: You will see me in less then two weeks as I intend to play at n00bcon. And maybe I get to meet the M-project this time 8)

    And regarding my monoblack deck I would like to point out that I would play Juzam if I had any 8P


    1. Sweet :D I agree that every decks becomes more awesome with Juzam!

  2. Badass, I haven't seen many MonoB lists for quite a while.
    Makes me wanna listen to deathrap and play r1 juzams :D



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