White winner

This format can at times look somewhat expensive. One could argue that it would be cheaper to play - and get new decks for - Type 2 for about 40 years than to buy a deck like Freespace's 5c Machine Head. That may be true, but nonetheless there are very viable budget alternatives in 93/94. Black Lotus and Moxen are great cards, but they are probably less broken in 93/94 than they would be in any sanctioned format. Playing skill and evaluating the meta goes a long way, even when battling uphill against power.

This hand is unbeatable btw.
One of the players that illustrates this is Henrik "Brorsan" Jerberg. Brorsan is one of the driving players from Varberg, hosting his own Brorsan Invitational each year and contributing greatly to the older casual scene in his town. He does own full power (for his cube, of course ;)), but he doesn't play it himself in Old School tournaments. Nonetheless, he won both Kingvitational in June and BSK 2013 two weeks ago with slightly different takes on white weenie.

He is also a handsome guy
Brorsan's deck does a few things few people have done before him in the format. He doesn't play Land Tax for one. He uses Army of Allah rather than playing maindeck City in a Bottle. He also plays King Suleiman in the sideboard, which is awesome.

Ancestral into Old Man and Jovial Evil seems fruitless against the horde of tiny guys
Since Kingvitational, Brorsan has added Balance to the maindeck, which seems like a fair choice. Here is the winning deck from BSK in all its glory:

If the deck would be completely whiteborded, one might even call it "very affordable".