The Powertwist Dream deck

In the coming weeks I'll be showing some of the decks played at BSK. We'll start with Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson's Powertwist Dream deck.

Viktor mainly builds his decks on his own, and then rigorously tests them against a gauntlet of his other decks to see how his creations play out. The first version of this deck was played at n00bcon 4 (Easter 2012). That version wasn't tested that much, and Viktor opted to play some other strange decks during BSK 2012, n00bcon 5, and Kingvitational. After some more playtesting and tweaks though, Powertwist Dream really broke some backs at BSK last weekend. It looks somewhat yanky and strange, but this version really holds together surprisingly well.

The deck's main win conditions are Underworld Dreams combined with multiple draw7 spells, or Mirror Universe followed by Fireball. Game 2 it also has a group of evasive creatures. As the opponent most probably sideboards out creature removal, cards like Serendib Djinn and Shivan Dragon can be impossible to handle. It ended up in 2nd place in the tournament, giving yours truly a crushing defeat in the quarter-finals, and buring out the opponent in the quarterfinals with a quick Channel-Fireball. It fell short against the White Weenie in the finals, but managed to have a pretty amusing win against WW in the swiss, when Viktor responded to Balance by sacrificing all his lands to Dark Heart of the Woods.

Here it is in all it's glory: