Easter egg

Hectic week so far, and I'll update with the last three Shark-winners during the weekend. I got a quick post however, as I recently found an Easter egg from alpha previously unknown to me. I just got a new Forcefield, and lo and behold:

Tap my mox to activate forcefield and... Mind. Blown.
Turns out Forcefield dude is blocking Mox Jet. I may be the last person ever to notice this, but I really love how I can still find Easter eggs in the early expansions so many years later. Nevinyrral is Larry Niven and all that, but this one was pretty sneaky :)


  1. i would say this one is one of the easiest :)

    but nice if you post more of them :D // Jhovalking

    Nice forcefield btw

  2. I looked through the alpha spolier and found two more (one of them is not that fun though). I'll post it (and some other fun stuff) soon :)


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