DTB updates and more Canadian Tech

The decks to beat section have finally been (slightly) updated. I've added the top8 decks from n00bcon 5, as well as the top4 from Kingvitational 0.5 (with pictures of the decks from both tournaments). Worth noting is that it does not contain any decks from BSK 2012 or Warcon 2012; hence decks like Distress, Tax Edge 2, and Field of the Sphinx Command are missing. To view these decks (and additional sweet tech), check the blogposts containing the tag <decklists>.

The decks shown also don't include an updated version of what could very well be the "actual" deck to beat. The best deck may be The Book Deck, a version of The Deck that contains multiple Jayemdae Tome and multiple Copy Artifact. Only one copy of this deck was seen at Kingvitational, and it ended up at 6th place after facing some rough turn one Library draws. Both the first and the second place deck at n00bcon were Book Decks; but as those versions play 4 Mana Drains these decks are not legal in upcoming tournaments. Other than that, White Weenie and Machine Head looks very good right now. I'll write a post about The Book Deck next week.

I've also update the "About 93/94" text slightly. Stalin's original text was very good, so I've mostly done some proof reading and added some pictures.

The guy who triggered the updates on the Decks to Beat section was Canadian Michael Bogardus. Mike placed 4th in a 10-man 93/94 tournament in Nova Scotia recently, playing a deck that looks like something I would really like to abuse. It's similar to Fork's Good Stuff Mud from n00bcon 2, but also uses the Chaos Orb / Guardian Beast combo (and lacks Workshop and Abyss).

4 Disks, 3 Hurkyl's, 2 Beasts. Permanents will be destroyed; which combos well with the Animate Dead.
If you're checking out the DTB pictures later, spend an extra moment on Pefken's 4C Machine Head from the Kingvitational. Very nice pile of cards :)