Pimpwalker invitational

The first 93/94 invitational will be held during Easter sunday. The invited are the top8 in the pimpwalker standings, currently these guys:

1. Kalle "egget" Nord 
2. Rickard "Pefken" Samuelson 
3. Elof Gottfridson
4. Robert Schram 
5. Daniel "GaJol" Nilson
6. Magnus "Mg" de Laval
7. Hjalmar "Honka" Backlund
8. Jocke "Troligt att jag är top8" Almelund

The invitation list is then in falling order, so if anyone can't join, #9 in the standings will be able to take his spot, and so on.

As is customary with invitational tournaments, we will shake up the odds a little by playing the format in an unusal way. After long considerations about how to play the invitational, we ended up with classic 93/94; but with Fallen Empires as a legal 8th set. Will Hymn to Tourach give the black decks the final push, will Goblin Grenade make sligh viable, and would River Merfolk put monoblue at top as a new tempodeck?

So, what do you win apart from old school glory only comparable to winning n00bcon or BSK? You win a new binder, courtesy of the blogs founder cjva (aka Stalin):

In other news, with a month and a halv to go, and a little over a week since n00bcon was announced, we're already 20 players signed up, and this does not include many of the old school foxes that usually joins us. It will be a sweet gathering, and the power will be aplenty.

Rad dudes playing at n00bcon IV. The guy with the sleeves is btw not Kalle, but another nerd thug, and the dude in the middle plays the Moss Monster deck ;)