n00bcon V!

Easter is coming up, and with that the world championship in Old School mtg! It's a gathering of beer, good friends and awesome magic, and it's the most prestigious tournament in the format. Last year 34 players gathered to cast turn 1 Juzams and tap Howling Mines with Relic Barriers, and anyone who's got a deck should appreciate this competition!

What: n00bcon, aka the World Championships in 93/94 magic. This is the fifth n00bcon, and it's traditionally held during Gothcon (Sweden's best gaming convention), adjacent to the main convention site. The first ever tournament in 93/94 was held at the Gothcon site in 2008, since 2009 we've used an adjacent pub as tournament location.

Where: Rotary Pub, about 8 minutes walking distance from the Gothcon site (in Gothenburg). We've rented the pub for the duration of the tournament, so only players will be allowed at the site. The pub hosts a very impressive selection of beers from around the world, if that's your poison. Note that you need to be 18 to be allowed in the pub, and that you can't bring your own beer.

Time: 13.00 Holy Saturday March 30. 60 min rounds in the swiss, fairly untimed t8, best out of five in the finals. Note that this wont collide with any of the vintage tournaments at Gothcon (nor with the ptq, and there are also additional legacy tournaments at Gothcon during other days), since the good people at Gothcon has made there schedule in such a way that anyone attending both n00bcon and Gothcon can get all the magic they need.

Other new stuff: We vill make convention pins this year, mostly since we can and we think it's sweet. During the Sunday we will also hold the first 93/94 invitational tournament,

Registration: If you speak Swedish/are a member of svenskamagic.com, the easist way to register is to join the Old School forum table (ask e.g. me (mg) for an invitation). If you're not Swedish, send me a mail at delaval(at)gmail.com. Any questions about the tournament can be mailed there as well.

Cost: 100 sek (about €10). It's not mandatory to pay the fee (it's expensive enough to build the decks), but we who pays for the location, prices, and pins would be happy if you payed some money in order to help out with our expenses. Any donations in form of random prices are also very welcome.

Pimpwalker points: The pimpwalker point system will be applied for this tournament with a x5 multiplier.

Hope to see you there!